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Chapter 1534 – The last battle (14)

"If he loses this time, then the financial compensation would be disastrous." Zi Yan lowered her voice to say in a whisper, "Not only do we have to pay out all the money we won before, moreover, we'll have to shoulder millions of crystal stones in debt."


Su Luo took a breath and it went in the wrong way, her clear, limpid monochrome large eyes then stared at Beichen Ying.

Beichen Ying stiffly nodded: "What Zi Yan said is correct, she had personally looked over the account books."

Su Luo silently turned her gaze towards the stage.

Nangong Liuyun, no matter what reason, this time, you must push through.

Win or lose, it doesn't matter.

On the stage, Nangong Liuyun and Dongfang Xuan had battled each other, trying to prevail over the other.

"Bang, bang, bang!"

This was an extremely fast battle.

The speed was so fast that everyone could only see shadows crisscross.

Spectators simply couldn't see how they struck.

The only thing they knew was that they could hear the sound of weapons making contact non-stop.

Don't know when, a sword had already appeared in Nangong Liuyun's hand——Chi Xiao Sword.

And in Dongfang Xuan's hand was also an exceptional ancient sword——Juesha Sword.

"The four famous swords in the world, actually all appeared in this time's Roaming Dragon List compet.i.tion. Really is interesting." Dongfang Xuan's eyes rose slightly.

His own Juesha Sword, Nangong Liuyun's Chi Xiao Sword, Luo Haoming's Luo Yu Sword and there was Su Luo's Cheng Ying Sword.

The rumored legendary four famous swords in the world, this time, had already a.s.sembled together.

Immediately after, Dongfang Xuan's tone changed, its deep cold tone carrying a trace of emphasis: "The four famous swords in the world. I, Dongfang Xuan, want all of them."

"Such a huge appet.i.te, not even afraid of choking to death." Nangong Liuyun mocked as he sneered.

"Third Junior Brother, your body doesn't seem to be good oh." Dongfang Xuan's face suddenly spread out into a smile, his smile was like a blooming flower.

Nangong Liuyun's pair of beautiful eyes was long, narrow and deep, flashing with a faint l.u.s.ter: "Really?"

Nangong Liuyun knew that his complexion was terrifyingly pale. Even if he wanted to conceal it, he couldn't.

Dongfang Xuan's gaze looked towards Nangong Liuyun's leg.

Although Nangong Liuyun was standing ramrod straight, extremely handsome, however, that pair of legs couldn't suppress from repeatedly shivering slightly.

Seeing this. Dongfang Xuan's smile became increasingly carefree: "Third Junior Brother, it seems, even the Heavens want to help me."

Dongfang Xuan simply didn't feel that there was something wrong with taking advantage of someone else's difficulties. He only knew to behead the opponent under Juesha Sword, and he would win.

"I'm afraid you won't have this chance." The depths of Nangong Liuyun's eyes were like tranquil seas. His exquisite facial features that were carefully carved and cut out was perfect.

"To collect all four famous swords, I'll just begin from you, Nangong Liuyun!" Dongfang Xuan waved the Juesha Sword, and suddenly rushed towards Nangong Liuyun!

His speed was very fast, as if he was about to go through Nangong Liuyun's body!

At this time, the two people disappeared from the battle stage at the same time.

Everyone off the stage was stunned.

"Huh? Where did the people go?"

"As if they disappeared in a second, completely can't be seen."

"It seems, it seems they flew to mid-air!" Suddenly, somebody cried out loudly.

Everyone lifted their heads to look. Sure enough, Nangong Liuyun and Dongfang Xuan were standing in mid-air. One left, one right, entirely different.

At this moment, Su Luo's heart had risen to her throat.

Just now, what Nangong Liuyun and Dongfang Xuan said, she had heard clearly.

Her intuition wasn't wrong, Nangong Liuyun indeed had an outbreak of his illness. Moreover, Dongfang Xuan knew!

Originally, Nangong Liuyun's leg wasn't good, he could only stand on the ground with great difficulty. Now, flying to mid-air wasted even more strength….

Su Luo secretly clenched her teeth: Dongfang Xuan, treacherous and deceitful, these two words really suit your image.

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