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Chapter 1525 – The last battle (5)

In the end, he waved his large hand and directly wanted to bring Li Yaoyao away and leave.

Because the night was long with lots of dreams. If some accident were to happen now, then the matter would not be good.

But just at this critical moment, the gate, with a creek sound, opened.

Dongfang Xuan was dressed in white, indifferently stood in front of the gate.

Dongfang Xuan's face was refined, eyes often flashing with sinister light. His look was also feminine and soft, lacking Nangong Liuyun's robust domineering aura.

Dongfang Xuan frowned, and walked towards Li Aoqiong, step by step.

At this moment, Li Aoqiong's heart was very nervous and apprehensive.

After his cultivation was wasted, Li Aoqiong's strength was crippled to the bottom. From that time, it was impossible for him to advance.

And at this moment, Dongfang Xuan gave off the pressure of a strong expert expressing his discontent.

"Li Aoqiong?" Dongfang Xuan stood with his hand at his back.

If he wasn't Yaoyao's older brother, then he wouldn't have recalled this insignificant person's name.

"Yes." Li Aoqiong clenched his fist tightly, forcibly pressing down his rage.

Her younger sister spent the night at Dongfang Xuan's place and didn't return all night. This morning, he found her stark naked on the broad street in front of Dongfang Xuan's gate. Whereas this person looked at him impatiently.

An intense humiliating feeling made Li Aoqiong's heart ignite into a raging flame. But the formidable gap between ranks made him afraid to move. He could only lower his head and forced the rage down.

"Yaoyao returned last night, is she okay?" Dongfang Xuan's tone downplayed the matter as if talking about air.

The pitiful Dongfang Xuan, last night he returned early. Unfortunately his speed was too fast, in a blink of an eyes he entered the courtyard. He simply didn't notice Li Yaoyao lying there at the corner of the wall.

At this moment, the hands at Li Aoqiong's side clenched into fists in an instant!

What did Dongfang Xuan mean?! What the f*ck is the meaning in his words!

If Dongfang Xuan saw Li Aoqiong's eyes right now, he would definitely discover the rage like a flourishing flame in his eyes.

But Li Aoqiong was flexible, so he did his best to restrain that obvious anger. When he lifted his head, the rage in his eyes had disappeared.

He stiffly nodded his head: "She is okay."

Maybe Yaoyao's matter had nothing to do with Dongfang Xuan. Dongfang Xuan's strength was so strong, in the younger generation, he was the only one on par with Nangong Liuyun. Maybe his strength was even stronger.

Jade Lake's Li family had already lost Nangong Liuyun, this perfect son-in-law, they couldn't afford to lose Dongfang Xuan.

But when Li Aoqiong recalled Li Yaoyao, who was lying on the ground wrapped with his outer jacket, a slight chill immediately flashed through his heart.

If Dongfang Xuan was to see Li Yaoyao's appearance right now, then would Dongfang Xuan still be Jade Lake's Li family's future son-in-law?

Thinking up to here, Li Aoqiong's heart was somewhat panicked.

"What is that?" Dongfang Xuan's gaze swept across the ground.

Although she was wrapped in the jacket, Dongfang Xuan could clearly see the curvaceous shape of a woman.

Figure wasn't bad, like his family's little Yao'er's. Dongfang Xuan stroked his chin, recalling the sweetness from last night. His eyes were very lecherous. Last night, he didn't enjoy himself to his heart's content. Wait until after the match to find a time….

Thinking of this, Dongfang Xuan stopped caring about who was that person lying on the ground. In a cold tone, he told Li Aoqiong: "Tell Yaoyao to directly go to the battle arena."

Finished speaking, Dongfang Xuan directly returned to his courtyard.

Fortunately, it was a false alarm. Until he watched Dongfang Xuan enter his room did Li Aoqiong finally slowly release a breath in relief.

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