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Chapter 1515 – Showdown between experts (3)

"Little Yao'er, why are you crying?" Dongfang Xuan's soft voice puffed at the side of her sensitive ear. His tone had a trace of a strange coldness, like ice, that made people shudder.

Li Yaoyao's heart sunk into the ground, crying while shaking her head: "Senior Brother, don't…don't…"

However, the more she refused, Dongfang Xuan discovered that his desire to possess her increased even more.

"Be obedient Yao'er, you like Senior Brother right?" Dongfang Xuan lifted up her tapered, snow-white chin. His smile was more sinister than an Asura from h.e.l.l.

Li Yaoyao could only cry.

Because she couldn't shake nor nod her head.

Once she shook her head, Dongfang Xuan would directly discard her like a used shoe. What's she to do if he didn't continue to be her backer.

If she nodded her head, Dongfang Xuan would directly do her right now, then what's she to do?

As a result, Li Yaoyao was in an awkward position from both left and right side. She could only make progress with great difficulty. No matter what she said, it would be wrong, no matter what she did, it would be wrong. She wasn't even able to choose between shaking her head or nodding her head.

"Little girls are always so shy. But Senior Brother likes this." Dongfang Xuan loved this, he lowered his body and heavily kissed down.

Li Yaoyao used both hands to push against Dongfang Xuan with all her might. She used all her strength to oppose him, but the matter that made her give up all hope was that her strength, from Dongfang Xuan's point of view, was like an ant shaking a huge tree, overestimating her own abilities.

"Little thing, the more you resist, the more Senior Brother likes it." Dongfang Xuan's smile was like the brilliant stars. His large palm made a pa.s.s and Li Yaoyao's scarlet dudou disappeared. Soon after, with one toss——

The scarlet dudou flew out the window and hung on a huge lush tree.

Li Yaoyao only felt her chest become cold, then she watched as her dudou flew up the tree. Suddenly, her face turned red, igniting like a cloud of fire.

How, could, it, hang, up, on, a, tree?!!!!!

That was a dudou ah! Moreover, that dudou had Li Yaoyao's name embroidered on it with gold thread ah!

Li Yaoyao was so anxious that she just wanted to jump out and fish it back, but at this time, Dongfang Xuan held on tightly to her slim snakelike waist. So no matter how Li Yaoyao jumped or hopped, she couldn't leave.

"Little Yao'er, come make love with Senior Brother." Dongfang Xuan's tone carried a trace of a bewitching and demonic charm.

"No, don't want!" Tears fell like rain from Li Yaoyao's eyes, both hands slowly linking up.

The her right now had snow-white skin, and a delicate collar bone that gave off an alluring gloss. The rim of her eyes were red and swollen, looking lovely and pitiful. Which male, seeing this, wouldn't be energetic from their blood vessels expanding? Dongfang Xuan was also no exception.

If Li Yaoyao was wearing clothes, then Dongfang Xuan might let her go. But now, clothes were taken off, how could they still be covered in a quilt and have a pure chat? This was not something that a person of Dongfang Xuan's nature could do!

As a result, Dongfang Xuan simply held Li Yaoyao to him by the waist and whirled with her, alarming Li Yaoyao until her flowery face lost all color.

Seeing the beautiful face within reach, Dongfang Xuan's heart was exceptionally happy.

"Girl, come." Dongfang Xuan's face had a smile, looking at Li Yaoyao happily.

"Release me! Release me!" Li Yaoyao resisted with all her might.

How could it be like this!

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