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Chapter 1512 – Become famous with one battle (8)

Li Yaoyao shook from head to toe.

"Senior Brother…" Li Yaoyao's voice trembled from excitement.

This was the first time Senior Brother, explicitly said to help her kill Su Luo. How could Li Yaoyao not be excited?

Li Yaoyao once entrusted her desires to many people, but every one of them disappointed her. Even Li Aochen thoroughly disappointed her.

But she knew that if Senior Brother went out, Su Luo would absolutely die without a burial site!

Because Li Yaoyao knew, even Nangong Liuyun was not Senior Brother's opponent.

If Senior Brother wanted to kill Su Luo, it's as simple as crushing an ant.

"But it's not right now." Dongfang Xuan's hidden gaze looked at that pair of jade annulus not far from them. His mouth hooked into a strange smile.

Li Yaoyao nodded: "Because Grandmaster Rong Yun is present."

"Yes." Dongfang Xuan's tone was pointed, low and faint. His long finger hooked Li Yaoyao's charming nose, "You want her to die now?"

Li Yaoyao firmly nodded: "Really wish she would die immediately!"

"As to this…" Dongfang Xuan's eyes were hidden and deep like an ancient well, profoundly mysterious, "Can consider it."

"Really?" Li Yaoyao opened her eyes wide from being pleasantly surprised.

"Since it's my family's Yaoyao's wish, naturally must go all out to meet it." Dongfang Xuan pampering pinched her nose, "Smile a bit, Senor Brother likes when Yaoyao smiles the most."

Li Yaoyao immediately showed a dazzling smile that was like summer flowers.

Not far away.

Su Luo's eyes looked in Li Yaoyao's direction, as she frowned slightly.

"Li Yaoyao is really not an ordinary person ah." Su Luo lamented repeatedly, "Situ Ming's dead skeleton hasn't even cooled yet, and now she again hooked a Dongfang Xuan."

Nangong Liuyun's eyes lifted up slightly.

Seeing Dongfang Xuan's figure, he had a not-so-good premonition.

"Doesn't Li Yaoyao desperately love you? Could it be Dongfang Xuan doesn't even care a little about this?" Su Luo stroked her chin, sinking into deep reflection on this.

Nangong Liuyun patted her head: "Don't think nonsense, let's go."

Nangong Liuyun pulled Su Luo to walk towards the outer area.

At this moment, the originally very lively crowd everyone voluntarily made a path that was enough for two people to walk shoulder-to-shoulder, letting them leave.

Su Luo couldn't help but recall that time, recall that two years ago, she was also on this battle stage.

At that time, her reputation wasn't so prominent.

The same winning against the opponent, the same way of leaving, being pulled by Nangong Liuyun's hand. But at that time, everyone's gaze towards her was mostly loathing and despising.

But now, Su Luo's gaze swept their faces, those joyous expressions, expressions of worship, was enough to prove that their view of her had completely changed.

A little more than two years' time, and Su Luo had finally torn off that label of being a good-for-nothing on her forehead.

The her right now was already ninth rank. The tenth-ranked Li Aochen had personally admitted defeat to her.

Surveying the entire Eastern Ling dynasty, how many were her opponents? She could even walk this continent horizontally.

At that time, Jade Lake's Li family chased to kill her time and time again. If they still hadn't grown eyes and came over to provoke her….Su Luo secretly humphed in her heart.

"Let us directly return to the gambling house." Beichen Ying ran over in high spirits from behind her.

Zi Yan also followed behind with an excited expression.

"How is it? How much did we win this time?" Su Luo asked with all smiles.

Fortunately, she came out of closed-door cultivation in time, otherwise, the three hundred thousand crystal stones she bet before would have all been lost.

"This number!" Beichen Ying gestured a number towards Su Luo. Directly scaring Su Luo until her heart trembled.

"How could it be so much?" Su Luo said in disbelief.

"Besides the three hundred thousand crystal stones we bet on the outside, we also accepted other people's bets. Then, by chance, the great majority of the people didn't think highly of you. Hehe, this let our betting house get a small advantage okay?" Beichen Ying smiled with incomparable complacency.

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