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Chapter 1508 – Become famous with one battle (4)

Although he couldn't feel it or see it, but that feeling of having his spirit force confined made cold sweat begin to come out from his forehead. A chill came from the bottom of his heart.

Su Luo coldly smiled, with a wave of her hand, a golden vine shot towards Li Aochen.

Li Aochen was originally absolutely able to block the attack by the golden vine, but his every move and technique was thoroughly understood by Su Luo. After confronting the enemy for a thousand times, Su Luo understood Li Aochen better than he, himself.

So Su Luo controlled the golden vine and directly attacked Li Aochen's pair of legs.

"Oh heavens! Li Aochen, his, his feet is actually tied up!"

"Su Luo's speed was fast to this degree?"

"In the end, what's going on?"

Many people rubbed their eyes, looking at the unimaginable scene on the stage.

On the VIP seats, several elder ancestors' eyebrows wrinkled.

They could feel the fluctuation of an out-of-ordinary spirit force. But specifically what it was, they couldn't sense it.

However, they could clearly see, Li Aochen's speed, in an instant, slowed down.

Originally, he thought that based on his strength, he could avoid the golden vine's attack, but now, he was helpless. He could only look on helplessly as the golden vine tied up both of his legs.

"Su Luo, you think that like this, you can stop me? Dream on!" Li Aochen condensed all the spirit force around his body and pushed it towards his legs!

It was merely a plant pet's vine and nothing more, how could it hold him? Li Aochen's heart was disdainful and wasn't the least bit concerned.

And in the next second, that ridiculing smile on his mouth became stiff.

Can't destroy it?

Try it again.

Still can't destroy it?

Cold sweat started to come out from Li Aochen's forehead.

A mocky expression appeared in Su Luo's eyes: "Collect!"

Her voice had just landed when the golden vine suddenly tightened. Then, another vine branched of and tied towards Li Aochen's waist!

Li Aochen shook his sleeves, a dagger appearing in his hand.

Li Aochen focused all his spirit force and poured it into the dagger, then the dagger cut towards the golden vine.

One dagger stabbed down, and the golden vine broke.

But just at this time, Su Luo was already only one arm's distance from Li Aochen.

Now, Su Luo had already arrived at Li Aochen's back. The incomparably sharp Yan Hua dagger in her hand cut across towards Li Aochen's neck!

Su Luo was an expert a.s.sa.s.sin, she used this move and finished off many people.

At that time, Li Yaoxiang also died under Su Luo's a.s.sa.s.sin moves.

But this time, Su Luo failed.

Her dagger slid across Li Aochen's neck but wasn't able to stab down!

In attack and defense, there was naturally a huge gap between tenth-ranked and ninth-ranked.

Even with Li Aochen inside Nothingness of s.p.a.ce, even if both of his legs were bound with nowhere to escape, but Su Luo still couldn't break through his defense.


Su Luo cursed in a low tone.

An expert's reaction was always with lightning speed.

Su Luo's this move didn't work, and her figure immediately retreated back.

At this moment, Li Aochen instinctively moved his spirit force, and the golden vine was broken apart completely.

"Su Luo, I'm going to kill you!" Li Aochen was like a fierce tiger, brandishing the cold sword and directly rushing towards Su Luo!

Just when he charged to a place not far from Su Luo——

Suddenly, from Su Luo's arms, two white-colored things jumped towards Li Aochen!

"What are these things?" A trace of doubt flashed through Li Aochen's heart.

But his speed didn't slow down, still rushing towards Su Luo.

At this time, the corner of Su Luo's mouth hooked into a faint sneer.

The little spirit fox and the little divine dragon charged towards Li Aochen like bullets. One climbed to the top of his head, the other rushed towards his trousers!

"Ah!" The little divine dragon directly slapped a palm strike towards Li Aochen's head.

Li Aochen was caught off guard and cried out in pain.

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