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Chapter 1505 – Become famous with one battle (1)

After fighting for more than a thousands time on the simulated stage, Su Luo could calculate where Li Aochen's sword would land even with her eyes closed.

Now, a cold smile appeared at the corner of Su Luo's mouth. Soon after, her feet shifted rapidly.

As a result, Li Aochen's original thought of killing Su Luo with one sword strike completely came up empty.

She actually was able to calculate where his sword would land? How was that possible? Must be a coincidence!

Li Aochen would never believe that Su Luo could read his mind.

Right now, he brandished the cold sword and ruthlessly stabbed towards Su Luo again!

The soles of Su Luo's feet slid once again, accurately and easily avoiding this fatal strike.

Li Aochen's eyes almost became vertical from seeing this!

How was this possible? His Thirteen Murderous Spirit Sword strike was his greatest trump card. Su Luo was merely an insignificant ninth rank, how could she avoid it?

Moreover, looking at the place she walked to, it seemed as if she had antic.i.p.ated this move, as if she knew where his sword would strike better than him. This was too strange.

Right now, Li Aochen's mind was filled full of wild imagination, his gaze had a trace of suspicion when looking at Su Luo.

The corner of Su Luo's mouth hooked into a thoughtful expression as she looked at him, full of interest: "What? Admit defeat?"

"Admit defeat? Hahahaha!" Li Aochen laughed while tilting his head to the sky, soon after, his finger coldly pointed towards Su Luo: "Before I kill you, how can I admit defeat!"

"Then bring it on." Su Luo calmly stood there, easily hooking her finger at him.

"Hateful!" Li Aochen's heart was like thousands of horses rushing forward.

He, at such a stately tenth rank, was actually looked down on by the insignificant ninth-ranked Su Luo. How could he swallow this?

"Receive this move!" Li Aochen snarled, waving his cold sword as he rushed up.

"Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!"

Ten continuously beheading chops landed, but every time, Su Luo was able to easily avoid it!

Li Aochen glared at Su Luo with an expression of disbelief as if seeing a ghost.

In the end, what's going on? Could it be that Su Luo had specifically trained to deal with his Thirteen Murderous Spirit Sword strike? If not, how was it that he couldn't even touch the corner of her clothes?

How could the pitiful Li Aochen know that on the simulated battle stage, Su Luo had fought with him a full thousand times. During that time, nine hundred and ninety-nine times, Li Aochen would win.

Until this morning, before the match, Su Luo had finally figured out Li Aochen's moves and had the confidence she could win.

Li Aochen continuously attacked, using Thirteen Murderous Spirit Sword strike, not to mention killing Su Luo, he couldn't even touch the edge of her cloth. This made him endlessly impatient.

Under the stage, everyone watching was stupefied.

"What's going on? Li Aochen had chased and tried to kill her for so long, yet he still can't even touch a hair on Su Luo?"

"Could it be Li Aochen is secretly trying to throw the match?"

"Impossible! I heard the hatred between Jade Lake's Li family and Su Luo is irreconcilable. It's possible that he would kill Su Luo, but to secretly try to throw the match is absolutely something that will never happen!"

"Then could it be…Li Aochen's strength wasn't as strong as the rumors said?"

"Are you stupid? His strength at the tenth rank is public knowledge? You think all those old ancestor's eyes are blind? That they won't be able to see whether he is tenth rank or not?"

"Then…then, that's to say, Su Luo has strength that surpa.s.ses the ninth rank?"

Once this was said, everyone was silent.

When this compet.i.tion just started, Su Luo made her public appearance as eighth rank. At that time, she was smeared with all kinds of accusations of dirty tricks. Everyone thought she didn't have the strength and relied on her master, but now——

How long has it been ah!

Su Luo actually… even the tenth-ranked Li Aochen couldn't do anything to her.

Under the stage, Nangong Liuyun leaned into the VIP guest seat using the most comfortable position.

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