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Chapter 1499 – Simulated battle (3)

At this moment, Li Aochen's clothes was tattered, and the sword in his hand had even more cuts on it.

He use the cold sword to prop himself up so he wouldn't fall down.

Just at this moment, Su Luo released her strongest attack!

"Strike of thunder!" Su Luo gave a heavy grunt, and the Cheng Ying sword in her hand changed into a brilliant, dazzling sword of light, as it stabbed unwaveringly towards Li Aochen's body.

Watching as the Cheng Ying sword flew over to stab him, a sinister expression flashed through Li Aochen's eyes!

The him right now was all spent, simply couldn't ward off Su Luo's attack.

But just like this and asking him to watch Su Luo live while he died? How was this possible!

Li Aochen used up all of his strength, and fiercely tossed out the cold sword in his hand!

The cold sword made an arc in mid-air and shot towards Su Luo's chest, nearest to her heart.

This move contained Li Aochen's final spirit force, incomparably strong and formidable. Right now, Su Luo, who was beaten to exhaustion, simply had nowhere to escape to.

The Cheng Ying sword ruthlessly pierced Li Aochen's heart.

But at the same time.


The cold sword also pierced Su Luo's chest.

Su Luo's heart was extremely depressed, but she still had to accept this reality.

In the end, she closed both eyes and sank into a swamp-like darkness.

The two people both perished, no one winning against the other.

A white light flashed by and Su Luo was directly ejected from the simulated battle stage.

Inside the room, Su Luo slowly opened her eyes.

Right now, her complexion was pale, and her lips were colorless. Her eyes were even more bloodshot.

Continuously battling for more than twenty days, even if it was only her spirit that entered, whereas her body itself won't be injured, but Su Luo's mental strength had received a strong shock. Moreover, for these more than twenty days, she simply hadn't closed her eyes to sleep.

Su Luo closed her eyes and the images from the battle before appeared in her mind.

Li Aochen had a lot of trump cards, but just now, she forced him to stake everything in that one last move. It could be seen that all of his trump cards had been used.

When she opened her eyes again, Su Luo's eyes were sober and clear, full of confidence.

From in the beginning, where she was completely being oppressed, until now where she was able to fight to a draw with Li Aochen, to a state where they had both perished in the end. Her progress could be said to be very great.

Su Luo knew that as long as she had a little bit more time, she would be able to defeat Li Aochen.

Su Luo had no time to rest. After taking a deep breath, she once again rushed into the simulated battle stage.

Because she always remembered what Master said. If she couldn't beat the Li Aochen inside, she could only voluntarily forfeit.

But if she couldn't get the rank of second place, she wouldn't be able to marry Nangong Liuyun. How could she let this happen? Therefore, in Su Luo's subconscious, even if she was to die, she still needed to get this second place!

Su Luo continued to arduously fight on the simulated battle stage. But Su Luo's opponent, right now, seemed leisurely and carefree.

Jade Lake's Li family's distinguished courtyard.

Under the grapevines, fresh fruits and snacks were arranged on a little table. On a red clay little stove simmered a strong fragrant wine.

Li Aochen and Li Yaoyuan sat opposite to each other.

"Last time, Nangong Liuyun and Luo Haoming's compet.i.tion made our Jade Lake's Li family lose miserably." Li Yaoyuan seemed indifferent, but how could the hatred that flitted through his eyes fool anyone?

The corner of Li Aochen's mouth hooked up unnoticeably: "Really?"

Li Yaoyuan was very dissatisfied with Li Aochen's indifferent att.i.tude.

"What kind of att.i.tude is this of yours? You are the newly appointed young master, that means the next palace master. Afterwards, all of Jade Lake's Li family's things will be handed over to you!" Li Yaoyuan reprimanded with these two sentences.

Li Aochen still indifferently smiled. He topped up the wine cup in front of him full of wine. He picked it up, closed his eyes and sniffed it contentedly. Soon after, he drained the cup in one gulp.

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