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Chapter 1498 – Simulated battle (2)

The golden vine's strength was very good, immediately wrapping around Li Aochen's wrist, stopping him.

"Ah!" Li Aochen wrathfully howled, "Su Luo, go die!"

Although the golden vine wrapped around Li Aochen's right wrist to a stop, but it could not stop his pace of rushing forward.

Without the right hand, Li Aochen still had his left hand!

"Swoosh——" One after another, ice knives shot towards Su Luo's face.

Li Aochen was also an ice element mage!

The distance between the two was very close, Su Luo simply didn't have time to dodge.

After a countless number of ice knives shot into Su Luo's body, Su Luo could clearly feel the fierce pain that would drive a person crazy when the ice knives pierced through the skin.

"Pff!" Suddenly, a sharp ice knife tip directly pierced Su Luo's chest where her heart was!

Su Luo lowered her head and stared blankly at the handle of the ice knife that didn't enter her body, a trace of ire flashing through her eyes.

Dead, not even three moves, and she was once again killed by Li Aochen!

As expected, Li Aochen's strength was a lot more powerful than hers.

If she didn't have this stimulated battle gifted by Master, if this was the real battle stage, then how could Su Luo still have her life right now?

Su Luo unwillingly closed her eyes, soon after, she was kicked out of the simulated battle stage.

Inside the room, with great difficulty, Su Luo opened both eyes.

At this moment, her forehead was already soaked in cold sweat. Her pitch-black as ink, messy hair was stuck to her forehead. Her chest violently moved up and down, and she gasped for breath coa.r.s.ely.

"Li Aochen, your strength really makes one sit up and take notice. However, I definitely won't lose!" Su Luo bit her lower lip, the expression in her eyes was incomparably firm.

Su Luo knew that the time for her wasn't enough.

This time, she couldn't enter her s.p.a.ce like before and obtain tenfold in time than other people. Now, the time left was real time, one month was just one month.

Su Luo didn't even think, directly closed her eyes, and rushed into the simulated battle stage like an artillery sh.e.l.l.

Just like this, Su Luo rushed in time and time again, and was killed time and time again, then kicked out.

Time pa.s.sed, bit by bit, Su Luo couldn't remember how many times she had battled.

On the virtual fighting stage.

Su Luo loudly panted for breath, her gaze was like electricity, staring fixedly at Li Aochen facing her.

Su Luo was soaked from head to toe, as if she was fished out of water. Her hair was completely drenched, and her bangs messily stuck to her forehead.

Sweat soaked through her clothes, this still wasn't enough. The sweat rolled down her clothes to the ground, drop by drop.

Sweat rolled into her eyes, it stung so much that it made Su Luo frown slightly from the pain.

But she still gritted her teeth, not saying a word, staring fixedly at Li Aochen who was facing her.

Su Luo could clearly sense, the flesh on her body, because of the high degree of difficulty of battle, was already exhausted. All the cells in her body were crying out to rest. Su Luo even discovered that her mind had started to dim.

However, she absolutely could not relax!

Su Luo gritted her teeth and told herself. Continue to persevere on, persevere a bit, and she would be able to defeat Li Aochen.

Moreover, she was increasingly approaching the limit, which was the critical point to breaking through. How could Su Luo waste such a good opportunity? Therefore, even if she was in extreme pain, even if she was beaten to the point of fainting, her tenacious instinct made her stand there straight as a pine tree.

Across from her was Li Aochen.

Compared to the beginning, where one sword chop would easily split Su Luo into two, the Li Aochen right now already couldn't completely grasp Su Luo.

Now, he was forced into a very dangerous situation by Su Luo.

Su Luo was exhausted, and Li Aochen wasn't any better.

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