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Chapter 1497 – Simulated battle (1)

Su Luo's heart jumped from being startled by that roar.

She wanted to move but discovered that her speed was like the slow motion in movies, so slow as to make her want to spit out blood.


A clear sound rang by Su Luo's ear.

Afterwards, Su Luo watched as her body was chopped in two.

Just like firewood being split in the middle, falling to both sides without a sound.

Su Luo directly was stunned.

After that, before she could react, she saw a white light flash before her eyes.

When she opened her eyes again, Su Luo discovered that she had returned to reality. Master was smiling as he sat in front of her.

"Master!" Su Luo wiped away at the cold sweat on her forehead, with lingering fear, she patted her chest.

Just now, the feeling of dying was too real, giving her a feeling as if it happened a lifetime ago.

Rong Yun's dark red thin lips hooked up: "Too weak."

"Hiccup…" Su Luo scratched her head in embarra.s.sment.

Just now. her performance was really really bad. If this was the real battle, then now, her corpse would be lying on the ground.

"This jade pendant is…." Su Luo could faintly feel what it was.

"Simulated battle." Rong Yun also didn't keep her in suspense, and directly said it, "The Li Aochen inside is his real strength."

"It can be like this?" Su Luo's horizon was hugely expanded.

This master of hers was really easy to use ah? Actually able to simulate Li Aochen's real strength, also able to let her spirit enter the jade pendant, trying one time after another.

"There is only a month of time before the next compet.i.tion." Rong Yun always spoke calmly, but it was incomparably sharp.

Su Luo immediately wilted: "A month's time….simply not enough ah."

After all, Li Aochen was tenth rank, and she was merely a recently promoted little ninth rank. Between ninth rank and tenth rank was a huge divide, the gap was very big.

"If the day of the compet.i.tion, you still can't win, then just forfeit." Rong Yun used the corner of his eyes to glance at Su Luo, his eyes containing a kind of coldness.

"Disciple will use her best effort!" Su Luo seriously nodded, her eyes were incomparably tenacious.

Su Luo turned and left.

Her slender back view had a coldness and aloofness, but mostly, it was very resolute.

Seeing her leave, Rong Yun caressed the white jade thumb ring on his finger. His eyes were half-narrowed, in its pitch-back depths were an intoxicating tenderness.

"Luo Luo, you will win." Rong Yun smiled gently.

He told Su Luo about Yan Hua's matter from before, not because he had nothing else to do, but rather because he knew that in Su Luo's bones was the same stubborn and unwillingness to concede character as Yan Hua.

Su Luo left in large strides.

After returning to Southern Mountain and leaving a sentence to hand over matters, she directly went into closed-door cultivation.

Inside the room.

Su Luo had both legs crossed as she sat on a cushion. She looked at the fiery red jade pendant in her hand and recalled the feeling of despair enveloped by death. She took a deep breath, then closed her eyes and her spirit entered the jade pendant.

Su Luo had just entered when she saw Li Aochen brandishing the cold sword and rushing towards her!

Hateful Li Aochen!

Su Luo formed imprints with both hands, and very quickly, a fire shield appeared in front of her.

The orange-colored flame burned, full of menace and blocking Li Aochen's path forward.

However, before Su Luo could release a breath of relief, Li Aochen suddenly became a lunatic. disregarding everything and directly rushing into the sea of fire!

"Immunity to fire element?" A thread of shock appeared in Su Luo's eyes!

However, the situation was critical, so she didn't have time to think.

Su Luo switched her hand imprint and quick formed more wood element ones, and the golden vine flew out from her sleeves. It quickly shot towards Li Aochen's right wrist.

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