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Chapter 1496 – Ultimate showdown (8)

One might ask, whether it was Yan Hua's facial features, charm, natural gift, and everything else she had, which one wasn't she first in the world? Under the heaven, which woman would not go mad with jealousy?

Su Luo was very curious, what happened to her mother afterwards. How was she placed in Su Manor by Master to raise.

Who had Master wanted to avoid?

Su Luo's eyes were filled with curiosity, just when she was about to take advantage of Master's talkativeness, and ask a question, suddenly, Grandmaster Rong Yun waved his sleeves, and changed the topic of the conversation: "Are you confident you can beat Li Aochen?"

The topic changed slightly too fast, so fast that Su Luo felt as if a fishbone was stuck in her throat.

She wanted to ask about matters that year, she was curious about that year's secret, but——

Su Luo placed both of her hands on the table, hung her head dejectedly and cupped her cheeks: "Not confident."

"You also know you're not confident?" Rong Yun's cold eyes swept her a displeased glance.

"If you let me release Elder Ancestor Mo, not to mention Li Aochen, even Dongfang Xuan wouldn't be a problem!" Su Luo slapped the table heroically.

"You dare to let him out?" Rong Yun asked casually.

Su Luo suddenly wilted, and replied softly: "I wouldn't dare."

If she dared let Elder Ancestor Mo out during the battle, the outcome could be very, very tragic.

Not mentioning the rest, Central Palace's Mo family would gather all their strength to chase and kill her.

"Li Aochen seems to want to kill me." Su Luo remembered the words Li Aochen said earlier that day. Accusing people behind their backs and what not was something Su Luo did smoothly.

"He wouldn't dare!" Rong Yun's sharp eyes shone with bloodthirst, cold and penetrating, they held a murderous sharpness, domineering like a king.

Su Luo always saw Master being calm and peaceful, never saw Master's angry side.

Of course, normally, when Master peacefully and kindly looked at her, she could still feel an invisible pressure. But now, when Master's domineering aura was exposed, this feeling was very strong.

"If I don't let Elder Ancestor Mo out, then disciple really has no way." Su Luo spread her arms, her voice was weak and carried a flavor of being naive.

She knew, Master normally really believed her when she behaved like this.

As expected, Master Rong Yun's face turned better, and he glanced at Su Luo sideways in annoyance, "If you could beat him, why would this teacher ask you to come over?"

Su Luo, like a snake winding on a rod, immediately went to !aster Rong Yun's side in a 'kissing up to him' manner. She sat by his side and shook his arm: "Master, what must I do to beat him?"

Li Aochen was tenth rank ah, to fight someone above one's rank was too hard.

Grandmaster Rong Yun snorted coldly, but he didn't swat away Su Luo's little paws that were rocking his arm back and forth.

"Take it." Rong Yun tossed out a red jade pendant to Su Luo.

"What is this?" Su Luo picked up the pendant, and curiously looked it over.

But as she was examining it, she realized that it was just an ordinary pendant, there was no secret to it.

"Pour your spiritual power in it." Rong Yun looked at the silly girl, and had no choice but to give directions.

"Oh." Su Luo got the direction.

Afterwards, she closed her eyes, and poured in some spirit force slowly into this seemingly normal fire red jade pendant.

Once Su Luo's spirit thoughts entered the jade pendant, she felt her spirit arrive on a battle stage.

This battle stage gave Su Luo a very familiar feeling.

"Eh, isn't this the fighting stage from the Roaming Dragon List compet.i.tion?" Su luo looked around suspiciously.

It was empty everywhere, there were no spectators below the stage, there were no judges. Only her, standing alone on the stage.

Suddenly, a figure rushed towards Su Luo like an artillery sh.e.l.l——

"Su Luo, hand over your life!"

At this time, Li Aochen's pair of hands clenched a sword, charging towards Su Luo aggressively. The cold sword in his hand hacked down!

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