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Chapter 1492 – Ultimate showdown (4)

As soon as Li Yaoyuan heard Emperor Jing's words, his face immediately turned as black as the bottom of a pot.

Su Luo never thought Emperor Jing, who always wanted to devalue her into dust, would now suddenly praise her. Momentarily, she was a bit dazed and couldn’t react.

"Ah?" Su Luo foolishly looked at Emperor Jing.

Emperor Jing, right now, was too enthusiastic.

He patted Su Luo's shoulder kindly and in a familiar manner. He even rubbed her head very affectionately: "Not only is my family Luo girl's face unparalleled in this word, her cultivation is even more awesome. So young and already at ninth rank, in this world, at this age, which girl is able to obtain this kind of accomplishment? Moreover, she is the favorite last disciple of Grandmaster Rong Yun. Speaking of this, it really is my family's Liuyun who reached above himself."

"Ah?" Su Luo opened her mouth slightly in surprise, her whole body shivering slightly.

Could this Emperor Jing be possessed by somebody else's spirit?

Before, he extremely detested her, this change was too big okay? Moreover, the words he said were quite… strange.

Li Yaoyuan's deeply cold gaze bored into Su Luo, then it landed on Emperor Jing. His mouth bloomed into an intriguing cold smile: "Your Majesty might have been happy a bit too early."

Emperor Jing smiled faintly: "What? My daughter-in-law has ninth ranked strength, am I not allowed to be a bit happy? That fairy in your family is really a pity."

If it wasn't for before, Li Yaoyuan specifically coming over to ridicule the Emperor Jing, Emperor Jing also wouldn't bring up Li Yaoyao's matter.

"You!" Li Yaoyuan's smiling face froze, immediately turning stiff as iron!

Li Yaoyao was Li Yaoyuan's heart's biggest pain. Such great natural gift, and following the Master of Purgatory City, but now…

Li Yaoyuan's gaze suddenly turned to Su Luo, eyes shining with cold light: "Loathsome girl, the debt you owe to Jade Lake's Li family, you will not escape until you die!"

Nangong Liuyun's eyes half-narrowed, looking at Li Yaoyuan dangerously.

Li Yaoayuan glared at Nangong Liuyun hatefully: "So what if you're protecting her? Yaoyao is Purgatory City master's disciple, wait till your master comes back, humph, humph!"

Li Yaoyuan glared at Su Luo a final time, then raised his arm, and in a spitting rage, brought all the Jade Lake's Li family members to leave with him.

The words he didn't say were very obvious.

Wait for Purgatory City's master to return, when the time comes, if Su Luo still hasn't paid the price, then the master of Purgatory City would personally avenge Li Yaoyao.

Even though Su Luo had Grandmaster Rong Yun's protection, she still would not come out of this well!

This was Li Yaoyuan's thoughts.

But looking at Li Yaoyuan's reckless and arrogant back view, the smile at the corner of Nangong Liuyun's lips turned into a sneer.

Li Yaoyuan was really interesting, whoever else he had hopes for would be better, but he pushed it onto Master's body. Wait until Master returns, with one sentence from his family's Luo girl, just wait for Jade Lake's Li family to be completely destroyed!

However, this was only Nangong Liuyun's inner thoughts. His eyes were unfathomable, n.o.body could guess what he was thinking, including Emperor Jing right now.

After Li Yaoyuan left, that extremely fake smile on Emperor Jing's face also disappeared.

Emperor Jing cautiously looked at Su Luo, then pulled Nangong Liuyun to the side.

He looked at Su Luo with mysterious eyes, then whispered into Nangong Liuyun's ear in a low tone: "Is what Li Yaoyuan said really true?"

"…" How was Nangong Liuyun suppose to respond to this? He could only remain silent.

"If that's the case, then Su Luo… you cannot marry ah." Although, Emperor Jing had really changed his perception of Su Luo, even welcoming Nangong Liuyun to marry her, but if Purgatory City's master was to get involved, then it was extremely serious.

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