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Chapter 1490 – Ultimate showdown (2)

Nangong Liuyun didn't hesitate even a bit. He also didn't look at Grandmaster Rong Yun. When he stood firmly, his finger steadily extended towards the first lot.

"Number one."Nangong Liuyun showed the face of the lot for everyone to see.

"Number one? His Highness Prince Jin drew the number one lot!"

"If I remember correctly, Dongfang Xuan draw the number four lot!"

"Then, isn't that to say, it's going to be His Highness Prince Jin vs Dongfang Xuan, Su Luo vs Li Aochen?"

"Oh heavens, this Su Luo's luck is not just generally good. Could it be she still has the potential to fight for second place?"

"Among the three people, Su Luo did not partic.i.p.ate in the drawing, but still chose Li Aochen to be her opponent, this d.a.m.ned luck really defies all laws of nature, don't you think?"

After learning the outcome of the drawing, everyone was seething with excitement.

Because this kind of outcome was beyond everyone's expectations.

On the VIP seats, those people's faces were very complicated. One after another, their gazes all focused on Su Luo.

Su Luo stood there calmly, the corners of her mouth holding a chillines in a ghost of a smile.

In order to avoid suspicion, she did not partic.i.p.ate in the drawing. So, an outcome like this cannot be smeared as done behind the scenes, right?

But fighting Li Aochen, for her, was really the best outcome.

Because no matter if she were faced with Nangong Liuyun or Dongfang Xuan, don't even mention winning, she didn't have the ability for even one match. But Li Aochen… Su Luo's eyes turned to him, a thread of regret streaking across her eyes.

If Li Aochen hadn't reached the tenth rank recently, before, at ninth rank, he wasn't much of a threat to Su Luo.

After all, Su Luo had Nothingness of s.p.a.ce, she was an unparalleled existence in the same rank. Even if it was Li Aochen, he would still be controlled by Nothingness of s.p.a.ce.

But it just so happened that Li Aochen's luck was this good, within these last few days, he actually was promoted to the tenth rank. It was only a pity that the effect of Su Luo's Nothingness of s.p.a.ce wasn't that good with regards to experts a rank higher.

"Su Luo, I'm very much looking forward to our match." Li Aochen stood in front of Su Luo, the corners of his mouth hooking into an insincere smile.

Su Luo indifferently looked directly into his gaze.

She could see the evil intent that flashed through his eyes.

Li Aochen wanted to kill her. This was Su Luo's intuition at first glance.

Su Luo's lip curled up slightly: "Just afraid that at that time, you might not be very happy."

"It's more correct to say the unhappy person should be you." Li Aochen was now very close to Su Luo, his gaze was cold, as he looked straight at Su Luo, " Because you will die under my blade."

"Hope your strength is as impressive as your courage." Su Luo's lips had a faint sneer, "If not, then those two half-brothers of yours should be your lesson from your predecessor's mistake."

"Bringing this up, I still need to thank you. If it was not for you, how could I get the opportunity to return to Jade Lake Palace, wouldn't you agree? " Li Aochen's smile carried a trace of bloodthirsty intent.

"Since you returned, you should live your days well. Mingling less with Li Yaoyao's matters is the correct way. Alas, what a pity." How could Su Luo not see through to the business transaction between Li Aochen and Li Yaoayo?

"No wonder Nangong Liuyun took a fancy to you. Just based on your sharp mouth, Li Yaoyao is no match for you." Li Aochen's eyes narrowed, "There're not many days left, ought to eat and drink, otherwise, you won't have another chance."

Li Aochen dropped this last sentence as he brushed past Su Luo.

Afterwards, his figure gradually moved further away, turning into a small black dot very quickly.

Not a lot of time? Su Luo laughed softly.

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