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Chapter 1486 – Easily (6)

The third book, was the same…

"How many are here?" Su Luo didn't feel so calm.

"Twenty ledger books." Beichen Ying looked at Su Luo, laughing, "How about it? Stimulating?"

"Mhm, not bad." Su Luo pretended to be calm, but how could her heart really be calm?

That was several hundred thousands of crystal stones ah!

There was a group of children under her care that cried piteously for food, just waiting for the crystal stones to reach their stomach. Looking at these crystal stones, counted using ten thousand as the unit, how could she not be excited?

Su Luo simply loved this time's Roaming Dragon List Compet.i.tion to death.

If not for this compet.i.tion, how could the influential families bring out their storehouses of fortunes and properties?

"First, draw out ten thousand green crystal stones." Su Luo high-spiritedly and magnanimously slapped the table.

"Okay! No problem." Beichen Ying's answer was also straightforward.

With several hundred thousand crystal stones as the foundation, everyone's heart was full of confidence.

If you must know, originally, they only had a few thousand green crystal stones in hand. No one expected that through gambling, the crystal stones would come so fast. Every time, it would flip by several fold again and again.

At the beginning, everyone bet Su Luo would lose, so they seized the opportunity and won a lot.

Now, everyone bet Nangong Liuyun would lose, so they seized the opportunity and earned a huge profit again.

Therefore, they had indeed acc.u.mulated over several hundred thousand crystal stones.

Moreover, these crystal stones were all theirs, it had nothing to do with the families behind them.

So many crystal stones, how to store them was a huge problem.

After all, several hundred thousand crystal stones, if a group of experts were to come rob and kill, who could stop them?

Therefore, in order to protect the crystal stones' security, Su Luo especially ran to Grandmaster Rong Yun. She asked for four s.p.a.ce bags in a thick-skinned manner.

Beichen Ying, Lan Xuan, Anye Ming, Zi Yan, these four people each got a s.p.a.ce bag.

As a result, the huge storage problem of the crystal stones were completely resolved.

Previously, after taking out ten thousand green crystal stones in advance, Su Luo very generously moved these huge mountain-like piles of crystal stones into her s.p.a.ce.

Su Luo had just moved it in, and the little divine dragon and the others became insanely happy.

Originally, the group of children would stare fixedly at Amethyst Crystal Fish to produce one crystal at a time. They waited anxiously almost to the point of their eyes popping out.

Now, all of a sudden, a small mountain appeared, moreover, it was all piled up with crystals stones, how could they be calm?

The little divine dragon's speed was very fast, with a crashing sound, he pounced up.

He used both claws to grab it and toss it into his mouth.

Several "crunch, crunch" sounds, and one crystal stone was eliminated.

As far as the little divine dragon was concerned, these crystal stones were no different from sunflower seeds.

The little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox simply learned it all from following the little divine dragon.

But her teeth could not be compared to the little divine dragon's, simply couldn't bite it. So, she became anxious and persistently grabbed at the little divine dragon's scales.

The little divine dragon himself didn't have enough time to eat, so he didn't want to acknowledge it. But seeing her anxious, ravenous, salivating-river little appearance, the little divine dragon didn't have the heart to say no.

Helplessly, the little divine dragon bit it open like cracking sunflower seeds, revealing the center of the crystal stone.

Green crystal stones had green liquid drops in this position.

As a result, little divine dragon grudgingly, one by one, cracked open the crystal stones for the little spirit fox. Afterwards, the little spirit fox, holding the crystals with pleasure, absorbed the rich spirit force inside.

The two little spirit pets sat down in a row like friends in kindergarten. Their tiny back figures looked clever and adorable. But if you were to look at them from the front, you'd know how terrifying their ability to consume large amounts of food was!

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