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Chapter 1484 – Easily (4)

"Then what is it?" Mo family master's complexion looked somewhat better.

"Mystic clan has a type of technique called Phantom." First Elder's face was ugly, "Mystic clan's forte has always been speed because of this Phantom technique."

"Mystic clan? But isn't the Mystic clan already extinct?" Mo family master's eyes held a trace of doubt.

"No, sooner or later, the Mystic clan will stage a comeback." Elder Mo's tone was certain.

"Then, Nangong Liuyun's technique is Mystic clan's Phantom?" Mo family master's lips flashed with a sinister sneer.

If it was possible to connect Nangong Liuyun with the Mystic clan, then he did not need to do anything. Naturally, there would be people who would step in to take care of him.

First Elder forced a bitter smile and shook his head: "It is said that the master of Purgatory City had a book on Phantom."

Mo family master suddenly felt depressed deep in his stomach.

As everyone knows, the master of Purgatory City is Nangong Liuyun's master, and masters pa.s.sing on techniques to their disciples, isn't it a right and proper matter?

First Elder frowned: "So this matter is only said in private, only the people of Purgatory City dare to practice it."

Who dared to question this Phantom technique, the master of the Purgatory city who was always overprotective, biased and unreasonable. He would directly hit you with his most famous skill Topple the Mountains and Overturning the Seas lightning palm strike. Who could bear it?

Palace Master Mo sighed gloomily.

Master of Purgatory city, was a lunatic, who would dare to provoke him?

That year, there was only Gui Ci, this hidden-in-the-dark organization of a.s.sa.s.sins, who dared to challenge the master of the Purgatory city. Unfortunately, during these last hundred years, Gui Ci seemed to have been pulled up by the roots, never appearing in this world again.

On the stage, the fight was still in progress.

Don't know when Nangong Liuyun appeared.

The corner of his lips curved into a ghost of a smile, his long slender arm patting Luo Haoming's back.

Luo Haoming, who was being played, suddenly turned around and roared: "d.a.m.n it!"

Then, he lifted up the Luo Yu Sword and hurriedly swung it over!

Nangong Liuyun, with his eyes covered, relied completely on his perception.

However, don't know if his sense was really too strong or his calculations were excessively accurate. In short, Luo Haoming swung his sword again and again like a madman. After a countless number of hits, he still hadn't even touched a corner of Nangong Liuyun's robe.

Now, everyone under the stage stared in awe.

"His Highness Prince Jin… how can this be?"

"Luo Haoming can't even touch the corner of His Highness Prince Jin's robe, let along cutting the person."

"His Highness Prince Jin's speed is so fast as to be freakish, Luo Haoming simply can't catch up."

"Shall I say, His Highness Prince Jin is simply playing with Luo Haoming!"

"Indeed, His Highness Prince Jin has his eyes covered, even like this, Luo Haoming still can't cut him. Just based on this point, he already lost."

Countless discussions could be heard around.

These voices were simply not concealed.

How good was Luo Haoming's hearing, how could he not hear it?

The more he heard, the worse his face looked.

Even if he didn't want to listen, the voices constantly drilled into his ears.

At this moment, Luo Haoming was under an endless amount of pressure.

In itself, because he had used Miracle Body Protection technique three times in a row, his spirit had force depleted very quickly, there wasn't much left.

Now, everyone under the stage was constantly discussing about him, affecting his wisdom.

"Go die!" Luo Haoming fiercely stabbed at Nangong Liuyun's back.

Just at that moment, Nangong Liuyun's dark red lips gradually curled up. This instant, he did not avoid, but simply extended two fingers, accurately and without error, he pinched Luo Yu Sword.

That's right, Nangong Liuyun easily pinched the strong and ferocious Luo Yu Sword with his index and middle fingers!

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