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Chapter 1380 – Strange jade pendant (1)

Elder Ancestor Su then entered the palace that same evening.

When Emperor Jing knew Elder Ancestor Su was now already at the eighth rank, his eye sockets opened wide as he stared with huge eyes: "This, is this true?"

Elder Ancestor Su, perfectly composed, sat upright on the red sandalwood chair. His serious appearance carried a trace of the indifference of a strong expert, as he indifferently nodded his head.

"Good, simply really good!" Emperor Jing excitedly slapped the dragon chair heavily!

Not long after was the battle for power between the four nations. This time, the battle for power was held precisely in the imperial capital of Eastern Ling. Not to mention who lost and who won, just the people that will come, each and every one was an expert that they couldn't be looked down upon. If they created some movement in the imperial capital, then that would be disastrous.

But what made Emperor Jing embarra.s.sed was, there weren't that many strong experts that could stand out from the Nangong family ah, now, Elder Ancestor Su broke through at such a crucial moment, how could Emperor Jing not be happy?

But at this moment, Elder Ancestor Su was still arranging his family, holding a cup of fragrant tea, faintly tasting it. His face seemed profoundly mysterious.

Emperor Jing had been emperor for many years, how could he not know that he had a request he wanted to mention? But an expert at the eighth rank, in the imperial capital, was already a transcendent existence. Recalling originally, Li Yaoxiang with his eighth rank strength and the entire imperial capital all couldn't help but let him have his way and freely be arrogant and despotic?

“This time's battle for power compet.i.tion between the four countries, don’t know if Elder Ancestor Su has an interest or not?” Emperor Jing was also a crafty fox.

"Whether I have interest or not, at present, it's hard to say ah." Elder Ancestor Su saw the topic had returned, and his gaze indifferently shot towards Emperor Jing.

"Oh? Why do you say this? Could it be Elder Ancestor Su has some hidden trouble that's hard to mention?" Emperor Jing's brain quickly turned.

Elder Ancestor Su, fiddled with the teacup, eyes gazing out the window, he seemed to have floated very far, and his voice carried a thread of loneliness: "Alas, every family goes through a difficult time, let's not talk about this matter."

Emperor Jing originally didn't have a good grasp, now, his heart immediately understood clearly.

Su Luo! It must be Su Luo, that girl!

Thinking of Su Luo, Emperor Jing's heart was especially complicated.

At that time, his unfilial son had repeatedly warned that he must not provoke Su Luo. He must not break Su Luo and him up. He had made a solemn vow that soon, Su Luo would soar and no one could stop her. At that time, Emperor Jing didn't believe it ah, he had racked his brains to break them up and to marry in that fairy of the Jade Lake's Li family, the result? Emperor Jing wished he could ruthlessly hammer his own head.

"If Elder Ancestor Su has words, do not hesitate to speak, if I can help, will not spare any effort to do my utmost." Emperor Jing stopped the thoughts in his head and the memories rushing forth from his heart. He pretended to be indifferent on the surface without a single wave.

When Elder Ancestor Su entered the palace, he was planning on using Emperor Jing. Seeing Emperor Jing take the bite, he then shook his head, pretending to be worried: "It's Su Zian, that unfilial son! Originally, the Jade Lake's Li family, relying on force to bully others, pressured the Su family. He actually really expelled Su Luo, that girl, out of the Su Manor, don't know how that girl is doing, alas."

These words from Elder Ancestor Su scolded Su Zian on the surface, in reality, he was actually avoiding the important matter and dwelling on the trivial. He completely pushed Su Zian's responsibility off cleanly and let the Jade Lake's Li family carry all the black pots. Now, the Jade Lake's Li family's elder ancestor wasn't present, the third generation had also declined, Li Yaoxiang had also died. The Jade Lake's Li family already appeared to have declined. Elder Ancestor Su, after having been promoted to a higher rank, had complete self-confidence. He also didn't have that kind of reverence for the Jade Lake's Li family from before.

Hearing Elder Ancestor Su's words, Emperor Jing immediately understood seventy percent. It seemed that this old fogey wanted to take Su Luo, that girl, back into Su Manor and make her recognize her ancestors again. These words from Elder Ancestor Su were really interesting, originally, when they expelled Su Luo out of the manor, the Su Manor was vicious and merciless. Now that they saw that she had grown, they began to show concern?

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