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Chapter 1378 – Demanding blood in the Southern Mountain (5)

"Of course." Su Zian waved his hand and urged with a cold voice: "Outside is not as good as home, tidy up your things and return with Father to the Manor."

"Pfft——" Su Luo did not give face and directly laughed.

This laugh was just like a slap that was heavily flung on this thick-skinned old face of Su Zian. Su Zian's heart was immediately angry! Two flames burned in his eyes. Laugh? She actually laughed so unrestrainedly!

"Impudent!" Su Zian suddenly slapped the table and stood up, "What are you laughing at?"

Su Zian, thought of the matter before when he expelled Su Luo from the Manor, and his complexion swelled even redder. He truly flew into a rage out of humiliation.

Su Luo stopped laughing with great difficulty: "General actually asked me why I laughed? These words, you actually can also ask out loud?"

"Su Luo!" Su Zian was furious!

Su Luo's breathing was somewhat unstable because just now, she laughed in too lively a manner. She calmed down with great difficulty: "What? Is there still something else?"

"Return home with me!" Su Zian extended his hand and was about to pull Su Luo.

But it was very obvious, the furious Su Zian had lost his rationality, he completely forgot that now, Su Luo was already at the eighth rank. Even more, he forgot the fact that Su Luo had two powerful spirit pets.

"Awoo awoo awoo!" The little divine dragon directly bit towards Su Zian's hand!

Fortunately, Su Zian had quick reflexes and quickly pulled back his hand, otherwise, this hand of his would be gone.

"Su Luo, you dare to kill your own father?" Su Zian was extremely angry.

Su Luo tenderly held the little divine dragon, slowly and deliberately, she swept a glance at his somewhat messy fur, in a downplaying tone, she said: "Kill my own father? Just based on you, worthy to be my father?"

Grandmaster Rong Yun, the master of Purgatory City, there was still that sly, mysterious big boss, which of them didn't want to be her dad? Compared to these major characters, he, Su Zian, couldn't even be regarded as an ant. Actually dared to boast shamelessly in front of her to call himself dad.

"Su Luo! Are you really just this indifferent and heartless?" Su Zian severely glared at Su Luo, and said in a rage, "At that time, Dad misunderstood you, so I expelled you from the family. But it's been two years, you must have had enough of being angry right? How could biological father and daughter still have hatred from the previous day?"

Su Luo speechlessly shook her head: "Su Zian, you really take yourself as too important."

"You actually dare to directly call father by name? Just based on this point, you deserve to die!" Su Zian said menacingly.

Su Luo used a 'looking at a lunatic' expression to gaze at Su Zian. He was too into the play, only, so what if he acted so realistically? In any case, at that time, she was had already been stricken off from the geneology.

"You leave, only, in the future, don't call yourself my father again, if you want this life." Su Luo waved her hand, somewhat downhearted, to show him out the door.

At that time, Master, in order to let her rightfully enter Su Manor, Su Zian's infant girl that hadn't opened her eyes yet was sacrificed. Going by feeling and reason, she owed that infant girl, so this time, she saved Su Zian once. After all, if this was heard by that one in Purgatory City, Su Zian would absolutely die without a burial site. Because this represented the profaning of the G.o.ddess Yan Hua!

Su Zian completely didn't know Su Luo was doing it for his own good. Seeing Su Luo deny it to the end, his eyes revealed an ominous glint: "Su Luo, you have grown up now. You are extraordinary now, so you cast aside Su Manor, this is merely beautiful thinking!"

"Impossibly stupid." These two words were Su Luo's evaluation of Su Zian.

"You——" Su Zian was angry to the extreme, his complexion was ashen, and he pointed at Su Luo with a shaking finger, "You actually dare to speak like this to me!"

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