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Chapter 1375 – Demanding blood in the Southern Mountain (2)

At that time when Elder Ancestor entered closed-door cultivation, he was already at the peak of sixth rank. Now, he ought to be at the seventh rank right?

"Seventh rank?" Elder Ancestor Su swept Su Zian a contemptuous glance, his voice didn't have a trace of emotion, "Haven't been one for a long time."

Not seventh rank for a long time? Then could it be he was at the eighth rank?! Su Zian, with a joyous expression, exclaimed at once, "Elder Ancestor, with you here, this time, Su Manor really is saved!"

"What happened?" Elder Ancestor Su's gaze carried a trace of chilliness.

Su Zian then narrated in full detail the matter of Su Manor's decline in these two years to Elder Ancestor Su once through.

Elder Ancestor Su waved his hand, he didn't put the Liu family in his eyes as he casually asked: "In those years, how have the several children matured?"

Su Zian, who was in the midst of wailing accusingly, immediately was taken aback.

Elder Ancestor Su's complexion was cold: "Speak!" He actually had a bad premonition.

Su Zian also knew, now that Elder Ancestor had exited closed-door cultivation, he certainly wouldn't conceal it. Hence, he spoke of the matter of those several children once through.

"What did you say?!" Elder Ancestor Su was immediately angered, he heavily smashed the rocks that were piled up into a mountain at the side with his fist.

In a flash, all the rocks were turned into a pile of dust.

A chill sprang up in Su Zian's heart, but, he still reported according to the facts: "Jingyu has paralysis on one side of the body, Su Qing's whereabouts are unknown, Su Wan died long ago, Su Xi…… hasn't progressed in the least."

"Hateful!" Elder Ancestor Su's appearance was sinister, "Speaking of this, they were all that Su Luo's doing?!"

Su Zian hated Su Luo to the utmost, he deeply feared that after Elder Ancestor knew about Su Luo's growth, he would blame him for driving her out. So, his description of Su Luo in his speech was extremely malicious, having heard what was said, he seriously nodded: "Yeah, this son was so angry that it was unbearable, therefore, at that time, I expelled her from the family!"

"Letting her off too lightly." A killing intent emerged in Elder Ancestor Su's eyes.

Su Zian, having heard what was said, found a touch of joy in his heart. However, what needed to be said had to be said. Otherwise, if the old man obtained the information from others' mouths, it wouldn't be good.

Thus, Su Zian said: "Father, this matter, this son is too rude and impetuous."

"Yeah, at that time, you should have just killed her, death ends all of one's troubles." Elder Ancestor Su coldly flung his sleeves, and said as though it should be by right.

"But Honorable Father, Su Luo, now…… is already at the eighth rank." Su Zian, while mentioning this matter, his heart was filled with remorse.

"What did you say? Eighth rank?" Elder Ancestor Su used the gaze of looking at an idiot to glare at Su Zian, "Saying such lies, is it fun?"

It's not like Elder Ancestor Su had amnesia, at that time, Su Luo, a daughter born from a little concubine, was a cultivation idiot. At that time, it was he who personally brought the girl to the testing shrine. Now, he was told that in the blink of an eye, she was already at the eighth rank? Truly was slipping under the heavens, giving a huge bow to the ground.

Su Zian heavily sighed, how could he have wanted Su Luo to be eighth rank? He also very much didn't want ah, but this fact had already happened, n.o.body could change it.

Su Zian speechlessly said: "Father, this matter is true, moreover……Moreover, after she ate the legendary medicine that prevents death, the Scarlet Blood Ningpo Figwort, her body contains spirit blood."

"Scarlet Blood Ningpo Figwort? Spirit blood? The spirit blood that can revive the dead?" Elder Ancestor Su's complexion changed at once, the flesh of his two cheeks shaking excitedly.

"Yes! Everyone in the whole world says so, it must be true!" Su Zian seriously nodded his head.

"Everyone in the whole world says so, then it must be true? Fool!" Elder Ancestor Su waved his hand, jittery, "It won't do, tomorrow, you personally go on a trip to bring back that girl!"

It's no wonder that his body, in the imperial capital, nevertheless felt that countless experts were hiding in the imperial capital's surroundings. Now, all of this was explained.

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