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Chapter 1372 – The matter in the Capital (1)

Central palace's Mo head had switched sides, so things became very wonderful.

Mo family head stood in front of Ancestor Mo proudly and cupped his hands towards the other three head of families to say: "Three old friends, really sorry, this girl is already Central Palace's people, please ask that you guys facilitate this."

Although Mo family head's words were polite, but did not allow them to refuse.

The three family heads looked at each other in dismay, each of them was frowning, clearly very displeased.

Su Luo secretly laughed inside. At that time when Little Stone took control of Ancestor Mo's body, she thought of today's scene. Didn't expect that it really happened.

In any case, Mo family head and the other three heads were all her enemies. Mo family head standing in front of her to block them, for her, this was very useful. If they would fight until both sides would suffer, then that's even better.

Li Yaoyuan frowned seriously. "Old Pal Mo, you doing things like this, isn’t very conscientious right?"

Luo Qiuming also voiced his displeasure: "Does Old Pal Mo want to hog everything for himself?"

First Elder Xuanyuan looked at Ancestor Mo, his expression unclear. Before, Third Princess had already pa.s.s him a message in secret, telling him there was nothing fishy about this Ancestor Mo. Now, he didn’t see Third Princess's existence, so First Elder Xuanyuan took it for granted that Third Princess was discovered and was dealt with in secret.

Recalling how Ancestor Mo destroyed Northern Mo's imperial palace and ten kilometer wide military camp, First Elder's heart was terrified, he thought a bit, cupping his hand to say: "Since Ancestor Mo fancies her, then what else is there to say?"

After finished saying this, First Elder nodded towards the other two family heads, then turned around and left, disappearing immediately.

Li Yaoyuan and Luo Qiuming exchanged a glance, both saw the helplessness and compromise in each other's eyes. Now, both of their family's ancestors were not here, if Ancestor Mo was to show off his power, there was simply no one to block him.

Li Yaoyuan's sinister gaze swept towards Su Luo, and he sneered: "After being raised fat, then killed and nothing more. You should enjoy your last days of sunlight to the greatest extent!"

In any case, it's not as if Ancestor Mo was really saving her, in the end, it was hard for her to escape death.

Luo Qiuming glared at Su Luo with hatred, threw his sleeve and sneered several times: "Loathsome girl, if we were to kill you, at least, we would have done it quickly, unlike now, haha."

After they were finished sneering, these two heads took their men and quickly left.

Ancestor Mo gave off a 'must win' manner, they did not have the strength to contend against Ancestor Mo, besides compromising to leave, what else could they do?

"You also go." Ancestor Mo impatiently glared at Central Palace's Mo head, "Central Palace is in great disorder, you actually have the leisurely mood to come here and join the excitement!"

Ancestor Mo was clearly not pleased with Mo head's performance.

Mo head's heart panicked, and he hastily smiled apologetically: "Honorable Father's words is right, this son will immediately lead them to leave!"

Therefore, Mo head didn't have time to think some more, the soles of his feet seemed to be oiled as he flew away quickly.

After seeing them leave, Su Luo's lips curled into a self-satisfied smile: "Hey, Little Stone, you're really capable ah, this acting is more and more like Ancestor Mo."

Little Stone arrogantly raised his chin: "Don't compare me to you, idiot."

Idiot? Su Luo pointed at her noise in disbelief: "You're saying I'm an idiot?

"What else ah? How can you be chased to be kill every day in disorder?" Little Stone ruthlessly pointed at the reality.

Su Luo took a deep breath of regret: "You win!"

"Uh-huh." Little Stone had both hands crossed over his chest and raised his eyes to look towards the sky.

"Get in the carriage." Nangong Liuyun's chilly voice came from the carriage. Indifferent, but it carried a thread of warmth.

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