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Chapter 1367 – The road being blocked is long (2)

Li Yaoyao continued to say: "Jade Lake's Li family indeed cannot bear Grandmaster Rong Yun's fury, but what if Luoyu Palace Hall, Xuanyuan family and Central Palace were all to join in? This is the so-called law cannot blame the crowd. Don't tell me that Grandmaster Rong Yun can exterminate all this exceptional families? Let alone to say, so many families joined together, afraid that Grandmaster Rong Yun might not be able to escape unscathed, right?"

Seeing that Li Yaoyuan still hesitated, finally, Li Yaoyao gnashed her teeth: "Father! Su Luo was able to leave the Nine Different Palace Halls unscathed, do you really think she has no abilities? Let alone to say, Nangong Liuyun now is already above the tenth rank, behind him is the entire Purgatory City. Father, do you think Jade Lake's Li family is really able to swallow all of Su Luo's treasure on its own?"

The last segment of Li Yaoyao's words was like a bang, finally waking Li Yaoyuan up.

That's right ah, how could he be this greedy, this confused? With only Jade Lake's Li family making a move, one carelessness, and the whole clan would face the danger of being toppled over. Since it was so, wouldn't it be better to pull a few more families over, and with everyone working with a common purpose, why would they fear not accomplishing this?

"What Yaoyao said is right. We'll do it according to what you said." A gratified light slipped through Li Yaoyuan's eyes. He silently made up his mind: even though his daughter could not cultivate anymore, but her mind was Jade Lake's Li family's best pocket of wisdom. Looks like in the future, they still need to value her just as before.

Li Yaoyao swept a glance at Li Yaoyuan, she was feeling somewhat pleased with herself in her heart. This time, not only did she make her father's eyes light up, she also preserved her original status. The most important thing was that she could finally take out Su Luo, this thorn in her flesh and at her side. It could be said that she got three things in one shot!

Li Yaoyao's smile at the corner of her lips became even more pretty and dazzling.

Li Yaoyuan, as the head of the Jade Lake Li family, he always handled matters swiftly and decisively. Before a day had pa.s.sed, the treasures Su Luo had on her and the blood in her, the blood that can revive the dead, prolong life, and increase cultivation, this matter, was spread to the entire continent!

And at this moment, what about Su Luo? She was completely unaware of this matter and still was all lovey-dovey with Nangong Liuyun, expressing their deep feelings.

Because Nangong Liuyun's internal injuries were very severe, therefore, the Dragon Scaled Horse's speed wasn't raised to its fastest. To the extent that after traveling for seven days, they they had only covered half of the distance.

This day, it was getting late, the evening mist was heavy.

The group was just about to find a hotel to rest for the night, but who could have known, suddenly, a strong overwhelming pressure enveloped this group!

"Not good! We're surrounded!" Beichen Ying half-narrowed his eyes, meeting Zi Yan's gaze. The sword was held tightly in his hand, automatically going into fighting mode.

Su Luo's heart jumped slightly.

Ever since the day when Li Yaoyao escaped, she always had a bad premonition in her heart. It seems that now, the bad feeling had become reality.

Jade Lake's Li family head Li Yaoyuan, bringing with him a group of Jade Lake Palace's death squad behind him, appeared in front of the Dragon Scaled Horse. Blocking the path of the Dragon Scaled Horse that was galloping fast. Dragon Scaled Horse was at the eighth rank, but Li Yaoyuan was at the tenth rank. Therefore, Dragon Scaled horse could not help but stop its hooves, its back hooves digging into the ground, ready to fight at any moment!

Inside the horse carriage, Nangong Liuyun was still healing, his face was calm, thin eyelids not even opening.

At this time, Nangong Liuyun was at the most crucial moment of cultivation, and Su Luo didn’t dare to disturb him. The only plan today for could only use the words 'drag to buy time'.

Su Luo lifted open the carriage door, and slowly stepped down.

Li Yaoyuan saw an exceptional beauty leisurely walk over, and slowly stood firm. When he saw her facial features clearly, even the Li Yaoyuan, who was used to seeing the world, couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air!

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