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Chapter 1355 – Beyond expectations (3)

As a result, both of them nodded their heads together: "Okay, then we'll do the one that needs to be executed immediately."

"Okay, since you guys picked this one, then congratulations ah." Both of Su Luo's hands made the gesture for congratulations.

"What are you congratulating us for?" Beichen Ying frowned, suddenly, a bad premonition arose from his heart. As if a huge pit was in front of them, waiting for them to jump in. As a result, he wavered and stared at Su Luo, not daring to agree to anything.

"Congratulating the two of you for getting married ah." Su Luo's expression was that of everything was inevitable and right.

"What!" Beichen Ying almost spit out a mouthful of blood.

"Su Luo!" Zi Yan rushed up, making threatening gestures, wishing she could kill Su Luo with her bare hands.


Su Luo smoothly made a time out gesture! Only then did the youngsters' excited movement, from being injected with chicken blood, stopped.

"What's called you bet, you have to pay up?" Su Luo said, full of reason, as if she was guiding them patiently and systematically.

"But you can't make us get married ah!" Three black lines appeared on Beichen Ying's forehead, as he righteously and indignantly tightly clenched his fist.

"That's right ah! Don't say these words together, not a bit of it exists!" Zi Yan had both hands placed on her hips as she loudly resisted.

"But the condition was something you both agreed to oh." Su Luo smiled calmly.

"But…" Beichen Ying fiercely shook his head, "Out of the question, change the condition!"

"Must change the condition!" Zi Yan uncomfortably turned her face away.

"Alas, the two of you ah, really are a quarrelsome but loving couple. Forget it, forget it, not going to be concerned about the two of you. I'll just let you guys develop freely." Su Luo pretended to be impatient as she waved her hands.

Beichen Ying became unhappy: "What do you mean develop freely, who wants to develop freely ah?"

Zi Yan slanted a horizontal glance at Beichen Ying: "Who wants to develop freely with you? Absolutely not!"

Seeing that the two of them was about to start to quarrel, Su Luo helplessly held her forehead: "Then you guys want to choose to fulfill the condition by yourselves?"

"Must do it alone!" The two people once again spoke in union.

"Really indeed have rapport." Su Luo muttered in a low voice, before those two people flipped out on her, she corrected herself to say, "Since it's like this, then I'll just let this matter rest for now."

In any case, she had already planted the seed, whether it could grow to germination, it would all rely on themselves.

In fact, how could Su Luo not detect the affection that secretly flashed through Beichen Ying's eyes. Only, she was preordained to not to be able to give him a response. So, she wanted to take advantage of the fact he hadn't stepped in too deep to free herself as soon as possible. Nangong Liuyun was so intelligent, wise and farsighted, how could he really not understand?

Beichen Ying wished he could have changed the subject earlier, his eyes moved here and there, finally landing on the body of the Third Princess on the side.

"That's right, how did you suddenly appear in the forest?" In all honesty, Beichen really just wanted to change the subject and nothing more.

Third Princess's eyes were watching them without putting it to heart, and just ignored Beichen Ying.

Beichen Ying was suddenly depressed.

But now, Su Luo's eyebrows jumped, Beichen Ying's words reminded her.

Su Luo carefully calculated, based on Third Princess's strength as a ordinary person, walking from the imperial capital of Northern Mo to the forest from just now, she would need at least fifteen days. But now, it was less than ten days, and she had already arrived…Was there something fishy in this?

"How could you have suddenly appeared in the forest." Su Luo asked with a frown.

"First Elder ordered." Third Princess lifted her eyes, her expression serious and grave.

Once these words were said, immediately, everyone was stunned.

This matter was actually planned by First Elder! If Su Luo hadn't controlled Third Princess, then the result…

But Su Luo's heart was set, if she didn't have the Mind Pill, she also wouldn't have agreed to take this Third Princess along.

"What did First Elder order you to do?" Su Luo asked, immediately after.

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