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Chapter 1344 – s.n.a.t.c.hing food from the jaws of a tiger (1)

After the little stone went out and raised his head to look, seeing the scene before his eyes, he immediately stared blankly.

First Elder indeed had come, however, at this moment, he was still carrying two people in his hands. He even knew these two people?

They actually were Zi Yan and Beichen Ying.

The little stone secretly curled his lip, how could this foolish young guy and foolish girl be so unlucky to be caught by First Elder?

At this time, Su Luo also walked out of the small wooden cabin, raised her head and saw these two people, and the same thought as the little stone's emerged from her heart.

Beichen Ying and Zi Yan uniformly gazed at Su Luo as she walked out from behind.

Beichen Ying was just about to shout out one line, 'sister-in-law', but was ruthlessly kicked by Zi Yan. Thus, she was able to kick his hot-blooded enthusiasm from him. That's right ah, if he shouted out at this time, then they really would be strangled alive by First Elder.

Su Luo dumbfoundedly looked at those two guys that continuously gave off signals of crying for help, in her heart, she was secretly speechless. Didn't these two children lead Mo Yunfeng away like flying a kite? It seemed that they had escaped one calamity. But how did they unluckily run into the hands of the furious First Elder? Alas. However, at this time, she couldn't wait to hide, wherefore would she even dare to open her mouth to ask for people from the First Elder? It seemed she could only play it by ear.

At this moment, there was a strange quietness all around.

Both sides each had restraining fear in their hearts.

First Elder had a restraining fear of Ancestor Mo's strength.

And the little stone who had Ancestor Mo's body, could only release cultivation at the tenth rank. Therefore, at this moment, no one spoke.

Suddenly, the little stone opened his eyes wide to glare, sweeping them towards First Elder in a rage. He snorted heavily in a cold tone: "Dare to disturb this old man's quiet cultivation, such big guts!"

A strong cold intention was emitted out, and it caused First Elder to couldn't help but fall back a step.
The five flavors of taste in First Elder were mixed. This Ancestor Mo before his eyes was the main culprit that destroyed Northern Mo's imperial palace! Now, the enemy was in front of his eyes, but he was powerless!

First Elder tightened his fists, bracing himself to inquire: "Ancestor Mo, may I ask if the caving in the army camp of Northern Mo outside an area of fifty kilometers is related to you?"

The First Elder that was originally continuously affectionately calling 'Elder Brother Mo, Elder Brother Mo', at this moment, was already compelled to change his way of address.

When First Elder said these words, his hands were tightly clenched into fists. His heart was extremely angry. Asking like this, but First Elder was certain in his heart that the tragic deaths of those million soldiers was directly related to this old madman!

Su Luo's eyes were half-narrowed, and she quietly cast a glance at the little stone.

At this time, imposing manner was the most important, if First Elder had the upper hand in imposing mannerism, then a clue would very easily be discovered. In this way, the lives of everyone here were all clenched in First Elder's hand. After all, the little stone only had the strength of a tenth rank ah……Su Luo secretly was somewhat worried in her heart.

At this moment, the little stone coldly snorted, that face that seemed to have been cut out by a knife was hardened into solemness, giving off an overbearingly powerful might that didn't need to come from anger.

With both hands crossed behind his back, he proudly stood upright and swept a cold glance at First Elder. This glance was like a wild storm and like flying sand grinded from stones. From among a chilly cold ice, carrying a ferociousness. This was the overbearing pressure coming from an absolutely powerful expert.

Although the little stone didn't have Ancestor Mo's cultivation, but this body was used before by Ancestor Mo. So, the body still had that imposing manner belonging to him that remained, also adding in the little stone who was used to being pretentious, so First Elder was stopped by this tiger's roar.

Only this glance was able to make First Elder retreat several steps in a row, before he finally was able to stabilize his mind. However, the astonishment in his heart was hard to describe with words.

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