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Chapter 1342 – A freak combination of factors (8)

However, he didn't have the time to interrogate these two people.

"Humph, count you guys lucky, You had better pray in your heart that Zhao Zin, that loathsome youngster, is all right!" First Elder extended his arm, lifted one in each hand and very quickly went towards the border station.

Very quickly, First Elder arrived at Northern Mo's barracks in a strategic location.

Seeing this bitter, miserable scene before his eyes, another mouthful of blood violently rushed out of First Elder. If not for him strongly suppressing it, very likely, this old man, would once again vomit blood incessantly.

Even Beichen Ying and Zi Yan were both stunned.

"This can't be the army camp's garrison right?" Beichen Ying stuck out his tongue, unimaginable disbelief filling his eyes.

The original army camp's garrison now had turned into a huge deep pit. This deep pit had a radius of no less than ten kilometers. It was approximately several tens of meters deep! Even a single pelt used for sleeping from the garrison wasn't here, but First Elder was very certain, they were buried deep down below right here.

A whole million soldiers ah!

All the Northern Mo's elite ah!

Originally, he had wanted to rely on their iron hooves to reach Eastern Ling, from there, to incorporate Eastern Ling into Northern Mo's territory. However, this moment embodied the phrase 'hadn't triumphed yet and died first' ah!

First Elder stood in place in a daze, both hands firmly tightened into fists, because of his anger, he was trembling non-stop. The veins on his face bulged out, his appearance twisted into a knot, under his rage, he appeared extremely terrifying.

Beichen Ying pulled Zi Yan to retreat a step.

This kind of First Elder, who dared provoke? Who provoked him, who will die ah.

Suddenly, after First Elder swept around his surroundings once, his gaze abruptly looked straight ahead!

That place was where Nangong Liuyun and Ancestor Mo had left traces of their fight. First Elder originally wanted to kill Beichen Ying and Zi Yan with one palm strike, in the end, he still did his utmost to endure. Soon after, he picked up the two people and quickly flew over in the direction where the traces of battle were.

This place was where two extremely strong people at the pinnacle had fought previously. Among them, one was certainly Ancestor Mo, as for the other person? In the end, who won and who lost? These questions circled in First Elder's mind.

Because he was unable to understand, therefore, he followed the traces of battle and searched all the way.

Have to say, the battle between those two people before was very fierce. These forests, gra.s.slands and mountains along the way all had traces of being destroyed. First Elder effortlessly found it and followed after it.

Very quickly, a wooden cabin appeared up ahead.

At this moment, in the wooden cabin, Nangong Liuyun still laid there, the light from his spirit force flashed, hovering and circling his entire body. His body was gradually being restored.

On the side, Su Luo silently meditated, protecting him.

Because Su Luo had carried back the Divine Spirit Tree, so there were six Divine Spirit Fruits in her s.p.a.ce. Before, she had fed Nangong Liuyun two and fed the little divine dragon one, taking everything into account, she currently only had three left in her hands.

Suddenly, Su Luo saw that strange spirit energy in Nangong Liuyun's pubic region had a sign of destructing, and her heart jumped from being scared. Su Luo thought for a bit and a Divine Spirit Fruit then appeared in her hand. When she had pa.s.sed the Divine Spirit Fruit to Nangong Liuyun's mouth and squeezed out a bit of juice, Nangong Liuyun's thin red lips automatically opened.

A happy expression appeared in Su Luo's eyes, at the same time, she rejoiced even more in her heart. Fortunately, she was smart and had dug out the entire Divine Spirit Tree, otherwise, the Divine Spirit Fruits would be greatly insufficient ah.

After feeding the starchy juice from this Divine Spirit Fruit to him, sure enough, the spirit force around Nangong Liuyun's pubic region once again emitted out warm rays of light. Moreover, it gradually wandered to his four limbs and hundreds of bones, restoring his body that was close to being smashed to pieces.

"Nangong, you must get better." Su Luo's face nestled in his large palm, her voice was unprecedentedly tender, "No matter what the price that needs to be paid, I will save you."

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