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Chapter 1341 – A freak combination of factors (7)

"Stop! You can't kill him!" Zi Yan, seeing the circ.u.mstances weren't good, couldn't help but loudly berate, "I am Purgatory City's people, if you dare kill him, Purgatory City and Beichen Palace both won't let you off. You just wait for Xuanyuan family to be exterminated alright!"

First Elder had repeatedly been thwarted from last night up until now, so his complexion was hazed over: "Smelly girl, such a big tone. You say you are Purgatory City's people, haha, you also don't have a way to prove it!"

Zi Yan immediately was speechless. After going through the Nine Different Palace Halls, being able to come out alive was already pretty good, those things had been shaken into fragments long ago, even dust couldn't be found.

"Central Palace's remaining evil members, go die!" First Elder's face was very fierce, the wind in his palm strike rushing forth, with a cold murderous aura. In a flash, he was about to slap Beichen Ying and Zi Yan to death!

Beichen Ying and Zi Yan exchanged a glance, besides anxiety in their eyes, there was still a trace of not knowing whether to laugh or cry, what was this called ah? This simply was a catastrophe.

Suddenly, Beichen Ying had a flash of insight: "Stop! Your Zhao Xin, Great Commander Zhao can testify to my ident.i.ty!"

Beichen Ying loudly shouted. Although Beichen Ying turned his nose up at that Great Commander Zhao, but he really could testify that he was Beichen Palace's second young master.

First Elder's hand paused.

Just at this moment, suddenly, a figure quickly flew over.

Third Elder was holding an urgent report in his hand, the person still hadn't arrived before his voice quickly could be heard: "Elder Brother! A disaster happened, a major event!"

First Elder's heart fell with a 'thump', suddenly, he had a very bad premonition.

Sure enough, when Third Elder handed over the urgent military intelligence report in his hand to First Elder, after First Elder glanced at it, immediately, his entire being wasn't good.

"Pooh——" First Elder didn't have time to suck in a breath, before he directly spit out a mouthful of blood.

"The heavens want to exterminate my Northern Mo ah! The heavens want my Xuanyuan family to die ah!" First Elder's body swayed, if it weren't for Third Elder'a quick reaction and with one grab supporting him, very likely, his body would have crumpled.

"Elder Brother! Although the imperial palace was destroyed, and millions of mighty soldiers died in battle. However, the core disciples in the family are all still here, we can still rise once again." Third Elder was also angry in his heart, but seeing First Elder suffer such a blow, he then uttered some comforting words.

First Elder wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth and said in a cold voice: "Go! Go to the border station!"

"These two people?" Third Elder glanced at the two people that were thrown on the ground by First Elder and inquired in a low voice.

"You guys' Great Commander Zhao can prove my ident.i.ty!" Beichen Ying lost no time and loudly shouted, but his heart was also uncertain. Because simply on the dialog between First Elder and Third Elder just now, it seemed……A major event had occurred at the border station ah, didn't that Great Commander Zhao just so happened to be guarding the border station?

"Zhao Xin was buried alive." First Elder stared at Beichen Ying with a sinister gaze, like a poisonous viper, serene and cold.

Buried alive? The only person that could prove his ident.i.ty was unexpectedly buried alive?

Hearing this, Beichen Ying couldn't help but cry loudly in his heart. Luo Luo ah, you are playing so joyfully in front. Why were all the terrible mess and bad luck encountered by Zi Yan and I ah? Is there still any heavenly justice or law ah. First, it was to pretend to be Central Palace's core disciple and was almost strangled to death by First Elder. Now, with great difficulty, he found a person that could prove his ident.i.ty, but was informed that Great Commander Zhao was buried alive.

First Elder's face had already regained its calm. He instructed Third Elder in a cold voice: "You will temporarily be in charge of the family."

"Yes!" Third Elder suddenly felt that he was carrying a heavy responsibility on his shoulders.

First Elder's ice-cold gaze stared at Beichen Ying and Zi Yan. His eyes glittered like frost and snow. He always felt these two people's appearance was too coincidental and strange, Northern Mo's imperial palace was destroyed, millions of mighty soldiers were buried. Could it really have no relationship to these two people? First Elder naturally didn't believe it.

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