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Chapter 1337 – A freak combination of factors (3)

Mentioning this, the little stone's complexion immediately stiffened slightly.

When Su Luo saw his complexion, she immediately smiled: "So saying, Old Madman's strength at the peak of the saint rank, you surely haven't inherited it oh?"

Little Stone unhappily rolled his eyes at Su Luo: "You, little idiot, you think after wresting control I can seize the other party's strength? Humph humph, anyway, you should feel rea.s.sured, I, little grandpa, now can also deal with someone at the tenth rank."

Seeing Su Luo's face showing a smile, the little stone immediately flew into a rage out of humiliation: "What are you smiling about, little grandpa, I, can display this body's strength at the tenth rank. But you, this girl, are currently still at the tiny eighth rank!"

Although Su Luo's mouth belittled the little stone, she was nevertheless very happy in her heart. The little stone merely said he currently could only display the tenth rank, it was hard to say later that he couldn't display commander rank and owned saint rank. In this way, wouldn't she be carrying a super strong hired thug with her at all times? It seems that being chased to kill by Old Ancestor Mo, wasn't really completely a bad thing.

Because Nangong Liuyun was healing and Su Luo couldn't bring him, therefore, these people just stayed to live here.

Although Su Luo's heart faintly had a not-so-good premonition, but compared with Nangong Liuyun's health, what was it to risk a bit of danger?

Over at Su Luo's place, after wiping out Old Ancestor Mo, the little stone steered his body, and it could also be considered to be to everyone’s delight and satisfaction. But over at Beichen Ying and Zi Yan's side, they were still making their getaway.

Ever since that day at Central Palace where the two groups of people parted ways, Beichen Ying and Zi Yan followed Nangong Liuyun's instruction to run southwards. Moreover, they even led Mo Yunfeng along like flying a kite, taking him everywhere, going around in circles.

Afterwards, the two people were caught up by Mo Yunfeng. Just at the most crucial part of their adventure, Beichen Ying pulled out a spirit pinball Nangong Liuyun had given him. All of a sudden, he used it to smash Mo Yunfeng to death.

At this moment, the two people, calmly sat down on the stones at the side to rest.

A trace of concern flashed through Zi Yan's eyes and she sighed: "Don't know how things are with Third Senior Brother and Luo Luo. They are confronting the entire Central Palace, but Third Senior Brother still gave the spirit pinball to us."

Beichen Ying's monochrome, clear limpid eyes also had a trace of worry, but he immediately shook his head: "Second Brother usually is shrewd in tactics, with him there, Luo Luo certainly will be fine." Moreover, he also wouldn't allow anything to happen to Su Luo.

"That day, Second Brother and us had agreed to meet at Northern Mo's imperial capital. Maybe they have already gotten rid of Central Palace's pursuit." Beichen Ying was saying consoling words, but the worry in his eyes remained and didn't scatter.

The two people, swaggering, walked towards the city gate.

The city's defence today was more strict than at any other time. Moreover, the city gate was jam-packed with ordinary people, if according to normal procedures, you must stay in line until evening before entering the city. They didn't have that much time to wait in line.

"Do you have an identification object in hand?" Beichen Ying asked Zi Yan.

"I lost Purgatory City's jade pendant in the Nine Different Palace Halls." Zi Yan helplessly spread out her hands.

"I also didn't bring my family's jade pendant." Beichen Ying gloomily scratched his hair and started to rummage through the small bag on his body. Very quickly, his eyes shone, he fished out a jade pendant and hung it at the side of his body. His smile was brilliant as sunshine: "Go, we'll both go to the special pa.s.sage."

Zi Yan somewhat worriedly looked at the jade pendant hanging at his side: "This is Mo Yunfeng's jade pendant right?"

"Yeah, this is Central Palace's core disciple's jade pendant, there aren't that many in the entire Central Palace oh." Beichen Ying's smile had a bit of being pleased with himself, "Central Palace and the Xuanyuan imperial family are on very friendly terms. Relying on this jade pendant, in this imperial capital, we can even go sideways."

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