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Chapter 1335 – A freak combination of factors (1)

Seeing Nangong Liuyun's condition, the rims of Su Luo eyes were slightly red from heartache.

One only saw his ink-colored gown torn into strips of cloth, his complexion pale as paper, his eyes tightly closed, breathing seemed faint. Moreover, mouthfuls of blood automatically rushed out from the corner of his mouth.

This still wasn't the most serious thing.

After Su Luo examined Nangong Liuyun's entire body, immediately, her whole being wasn't good.

Nangong Liuyun's internal injuries were really too grave!

His internal bones were fractured, the muscles were cut off from the bones. His five viscera and six bowels were completely dislocated!

At this moment, his injuries were even more serious than that time she was injured by Fairy Yan Xia!

Su Luo's tears immediately rolled down.

Don't tell me this was just the ways of the world and karma?

At that time, she had quarreled with Nangong Liuyun, after he left, she was seriously injured by Fairy Yan Xia and couldn't wake up. Nangong Liuyun accompanied her to the Nine Different Palace Halls, after going through trials and tribulations, he finally cured her. But now, also because of her, Nangong Liuyun was injured even more grave than her at that time.

Su Luo's tears couldn't be stopped and continuously tumbled down.

She fiercely wiped away her tears. She knew crying didn't have the slightest usefulness. At this moment, what she ought to do was to provide critical care for Nangong Liuyun. Moreover, this time, he released that strange power, still don't know what the repercussions would be.

Su Luo took a deep breath and stabilized her mood. Then, she began to fish out medicinal pills from her s.p.a.ce.

That's right! The Divine Spirit Fruit! Wasn't it said that the Divine Spirit Fruit was a sacred healing medicine?

She had stolen Central Palace's entire Divine Spirit Tree from the forbidden area and planted it into her s.p.a.ce!

Su Luo thought of this, and hurriedly rummaged through her s.p.a.ce to look for the Divine Spirit Fruit. In her heart, she unceasingly prayed for the Divine Spirit Fruit to quickly ripen.

Su Luo's luck still hadn't gotten worse to the extreme point.

In just that split second, a moment ago, the Divine Spirit Fruit seemed to have reacted to the anxiety in its owner's heart, so just by chance, it ripened.

Su Luo grabbed one, squeezed out the juice, pulled open Nangong Liuyun's mouth and fed him the juice.

Nangong Liuyun, using her hand, completely ingested the Divine Spirit Fruit's juice until practically nothing was left. Su Luo saw his appearance of still wishing to continue, so she thought a bit and took out another ripe, plump Divine Spirit Fruit and fed it to Nangong Liuyun.

Nangong Liuyun, although he had lost consciousness, but his body's instinct was still exceptionally sensitive. He knew the Divine Spirit Fruit could help him heal, so using Su Luo's hand, he swallowed another Divine Spirit Fruit.

Also, fortunately, Su Luo had six ripe Divine Spirit Fruits at hand. Otherwise, she really didn't know from where she would find them for him to eat.

After eating the two Divine Spirit Fruits as medicine, Nangong Liuyun's expression already wasn't so pale as in the beginning. Su Luo originally wanted to use her own blood for him to heal, but she recalled what Nangong Liuyun had said once before. At that time, when Su Luo saved him and gave him medical treatment, his body already had her blood, so more blood for him, was useless.

Thinking of this, Su Luo also abandoned this plan.

At this moment, faint rays of light emerged from Nangong Liuyun's pubic region, and the spirit energy in the rays of light gradually circulated. Su Luo knew, this was the Divine Spirit Fruit starting to have an effect on his body.

At this time, Nangong Liuyun's body absolutely could not be moved, otherwise, very possibly, it could disturb his recovery, thus letting him become like Ancestor Mo who suffered Recoil of Madness.

Don't know how long Nangong Liuyun will remain in such a state. Su Luo, supporting her chin, quietly sat at the side to protect him.

But raising her head to see the color of the sky, at this moment, it was already at the crack of dawn, when the fog just so happens to be densest, all around the gra.s.sy meadow was damp. Su Luo thought for a bit before she got up to go into the forest, after she came out, there was already a built wooden room in her hand.

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