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Chapter 1333 – Final decisive battle (8)

Below them, lake water that surged to the sky flowed backwards.

Mountain peaks that were formed from a millennium years of pounding, caved in one after another like tofu pulp, unable to withstand a single blow.

At the edge of the dark forest, numerous ancient trees were turned into fine powder, and unbroken chain of mountain peaks were razed to the ground.

Nangong Liuyun madly excited his own potential, pushing his fighting strength to the peak.

Even though his body right now already couldn't withstand the burden, his back dripping with cold sweat, and more and more obvious traces of blood appearing on his skin. His whole body looked like it was about to explode. However, he only needed to recall, if he gave up and died, his treasured Su Luo would also die, so he would clench his teeth and stick it out. He fought like mad.

Faced with Nangong Liuyun's berserk destructive power, even Ancestor Mo's soul which was still powerfully at its peak, could also feel the real pressure.

All of a sudden, Ancestor Mo's long arm stretched out, a kilometer high mountain peak unexpectedly was pulled up by him and tightly gripped in his hand!

He actually took the sharp mountain peak to used it as a sword, fiercely aiming it straight for Nangong Liuyun!

Momentarily, the spirit energy between heaven and earth exploded!

Nangong Liuyun's eyes were electric, suddenly, a black long sword appeared in his hand.

Chi Xiao Sword!

After this sword came out of Nine Different Palace Halls, he only used it once. Last time, he also used it to fight Ancestor Mo, but that time, because his body still haven't fully recovered from its heavy injury, so he was only able to release thirty percent of its power. He was always regretting this matter, and felt guilt towards Chi Xiao Sword.

At this time, Nangong Liuyun lifted up the pitch-black as ink Chi Xiao Sword with both hands!

Chi Xiao Sword fiercely chopped down towards that kilometer long enormous mountain peak!

In an instant, spirit power burst out.

There were crashing sounds all around.

The mountain peak in Ancestor Mo's hand was unexpectedly cut in the middle by the small Chi Xiao Sword, the cut was neat and tidy, as if done by a lumber cutting tool.

The cut off mountain peak immediately turned to crumbled stones and tumbled to the ground in succession.

These broken stones smashed to the ground, a series of holes immediately appearing in the ground, sparks flying in all directions.

Fortunately, when Nangong Liuyun and Ancestor Mo fought, he set aside a cleverness, he brought Ancestor Mo in the southwest direction, in the opposite direction of Eastern Ling's army. Otherwise, Eastern Ling army's ending would be the same bitter one as Northern Mo's army.

Now, seeing the stirring result Chi Xiao Sword created, a satisfied expression slipped through Nangong Liuyun's gaze.

Chi Xiao Sword was worth being a divine sword back then, also, the sword's spirit was very intelligent. The stronger his master was, the greater the power it could produce. At that time, he could only bring out the strength of a ninth rank, really far inferior to Madman Mo. But now, what the commander-ranked him could bring out was a completely different result.

He had no more time, only the last breath's time!

He must finish this battle quickly!

Nangong Liuyun turned his head back, looking at the distant figure of Su Luo's rushing over, the corner of his lips curled into a wanton, demonic smile. His Luo girl, no matter what, was always so cute. He really loved her most miserably, if there was a next life….

Nangong Liuyun did his best to endure it, not letting himself think any further.

Not waiting for Ancestor Mo to react, Nangong Liuyun's figure once again became a sharp sword, and with flying speed, attacked towards Ancestor Mo.

Ancestor Mo didn’t think his weapon could fail so laughably, so while he was furious, Nangong Liuyun's figure had already shot over to him.

Madman Mo wailed loudly from being furious, and directly smashed a fist towards Nangong Liuyun.

When Ancestor Mo was in jitters, Nangong Liuyun didn't dodge this fist, and let this fist smash towards his body.

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