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Chapter 1313 – Ancestor Mo comes in person (5)

d.a.m.n that Ancestor Mo, he actually really chased all the way into the Imperial Palace. This really was his spirit still lingers on, refusing to disperse.

Although she had soaked in the Clear Spirit Pond, Su Luo was still somewhat worried. She sniffed her left sleeve and looked it over and over again. Her heart was worried and apprehensive, afraid to be caught by Old Man Mo on the spot.

Speaking about her current situation, it was simply too horrible, regardless of whether she was found by Old Man Mo or by First Elder of Northern Mo, they were all paths to death. Su Luo was really suspicious that when she stepped out today she didn't bring a horoscope, otherwise, how was it that she kept encountering such bad luck?

Not only Su Luo felt Old Man Mo's aura, the First Elder of Northern Mo also sensed it.

After sensing this aura, First Elder even laughed, and said to Emperor Ming: "This older brother of mine is really interesting, this is coming personally to ask for benefits oh?"

Emperor Ming's strength was very low, originally, he was intimidated by this aura until he shivered and could barely stand up. After hearing First Elder's words, his heart relaxed, with great difficulty, he squeezed out a trace of a smile.

Second Elder patted Emperor Ming's shoulder: "Relax, Elder Ancestor Mo and Elder Brother's relationship is pretty good, he shouldn't put forward an excessive request."

First Elder nodded his head, in approval of Second Elder's words.

Three of them raised their heads and stood, waiting for Elder Ancestor Mo to arrive.

That intensely powerful pressure became stronger and stronger, the entire Imperial City was enveloped in this slaughtering haze. Palace maids, eunuchs and others who never cultivated, each and every one of them kneeled in place, whole bodies trembling, with cold sweat directly flowing out, as if they were about to suffocate.

First Elder's eyebrows gradually wrinkled.

Second Elder's eyebrows twisted. "Older Brother, this situation… feels a bit abnormal?"

Elder Ancestor Mo and Xuanyuan family were allies, at least, advancing and retreating together. How was it that this pressure contained an endless murderous aura? Causing people's blood to roll over and over, as if a huge stone was blocking their chest? He was at elementary commander rank, and already felt it was this intense, then wouldn't each and every one of those low ranks have pa.s.sed out?

Second Elder didn't guess wrong, now, the entire Imperial Palace was like some ghost prison. On the ground, bodies laid in a mess, all of their complexions were pale, they had sunk into deep unconsciousness.

It could be seen how terrible was the strength of an expert at the peak of saint rank.

Now, a sky bluish figure slowly appeared in the sky, this figure seemed to rule over this area of the sky, with horrifying strength, capable of producing clouds and rain with one turn of his hand.

Seeing the old man floating over with fast speed, First Elder's eyes opened wide in an instant.

This, this, this…. This person… this beggar like old man… his aura and face were very similar to Older Brother Mo's. But——

But no matter what, First Elder couldn't understand, his Older Brother Mo usually had an unhealthy obsession with cleanliness, his clothes were always spotless, neat and clean, how could he become like this?

"Older Brother Mo…" First Elder accompanied with a smile and took a step forward.

At this moment, Elder Ancestor Mo's whole body gave off an intense, strong murderous aura. His pair of tiger-like round eyes were sharp like swords.

Seeing First Elder approach, Elder Ancestor Mo was even more rude. He extended his powerful and strong arm, taking a hold of First Elder and lifting him up high.

This action simply made everyone dumbfounded.

Second Elder was furious, but didn’t dare say a word, his face had a rainbowish color.

Emperor Ming was completely incredulous! Because just now, First Elder had boasted how great his relationship was with Elder Ancestor Mo, how they called each other brothers. But as soon as Elder Ancestor Mo appeared, without demur, he lifted up Xuanyuan family's strongest First Elder like lifting up a chick.

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