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Chapter 1311 – Ancestor Mo comes in person (3)

"Your Majesty, Your Majesty——" The imperial bodyguards guarding outside, seeing the main palace hall was about to collapse, each and every one of them flocked over. When they saw Emperor Ming who cut an extremely sorry figure, every one of them was all stunned.

As for Su Luo's side.

Su Luo, ever since she slipped down from the roof, before she fell to the ground, she turned over, voluntarily running into the palace where the glazed roof tiles were falling down one after another. She even deliberately used the falling tiles to conceal her figure.

First Elder only flew through the roof to get out, but what he hadn't antic.i.p.ated was that even with his fastest speed, he actually still didn't find that eavesdropping little thief's figure. Could it be that that little thief's strength was already great to the extent it made even him admire?

Standing in the empty sky overhead, First Elder's brows tightly pursed, his expression full of haze.

Second Elder accompanied by his side, also with creased brows: "Elder Brother, the other side's speed is very fast."

"Moreover, strength is also not bad." It was as if First Elder's eyes were shrouded in frost, and he spoke very ruthlessly, "Capable of hiding on the roof for a long time, even I didn't discover him, the speed he escaped with was also very fast…… In the end, who is this person?"

"Elder Brother, he heard our dialog from before, can he……" Second Elder's brows were tightly locked. Just now, they were inside discussing military intelligence, if it was leaked out, the consequences would still be very serious.

"It can't be people from Eastern Ling, Eastern Ling doesn't have such a strong expert." With regards to this point, First Elder was still very confident, he waved his hand and coldly said, "The fighting on the south side, intensify its speed, as for this person that eavesdropped, I know what's going on!"

"You know what's going on?" Second Elder's face was bewildered.

"Yes! Aside from those old guys, who else has such big courage, daring to eavesdrop on this old man's words!" First Elder had an angry expression across his whole face, as if he already had a suspect in mind.

At this moment, Su Luo, who was buried under the debris, covered up her mouth and nose and started to laugh with 'he he' sounds.

Fortunately, her reaction was very quick just now, her mind also moving very quickly. Compared to a regular person's reaction, when discovered, they certainly would flee with the highest speed to escape, but Su Luo did the opposite. Not only did she not run away, instead, she even turned around and directly hid inside the main hall.

This point, only someone with Su Luo's big courage, would dare to do.

First Elder and the other enter this erroneous way of thinking. They never expected that on this earth, there was still such a reckless and daring person as Su Luo in this lifetime. Therefore, he completely didn't expect that the hateful small thief was now hiding in that pile of rubble right under their feet. Not only wasn't she afraid, instead, she even mockingly laughed at their stupidity.

At this moment, Emperor Ming, bearing a purplish unclear bruised face, walked out. On his forehead, there was innumerable ash-colored dust, that bright yellow dragon robe on his body, now, was also cut until it was falling apart. He looked even more dest.i.tute than the beggar under a pedestrian bridge.

First Elder, seeing him like this, couldn't help but scowl in displeasure.

Emperor Ming clearly knew he was implicated by First Elder, because the person that caused the main hall's roof to collapse was precisely this First Elder standing high in mid-air. However, he dared not blame him in the least bit, instead, he even accompanied him to smile.

First Elder flew down from mid-air, then coldly cast a glance at Emperor Ming: "Are you blaming this old man for destroying your main palace hall?"

Emperor Ming hurriedly denied it, with an obsequious smile across his whole face, said: "First Elder seems to regard me as an outsider, everything in Northern Mo, weren't they all personally built by you? Isn't everything then yours?"

First Elder secretly snorted, expressing his satisfaction with Emperor Ming's words and actions. At that time when Northern Mo was in upheaval, if not for him overseeing matters, how could Xuanyuan family abruptly rise? How could they have become a royal family?

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