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Chapter 1310 – Ancestor Mo comes in person (2)

Emperor Ming approvingly smiled. Indeed, according to the intelligence he had in his hands, Eastern Ling really was extremely small and weak. Compared to Northern Mo, it wasn't just a little bit weaker, but a lot more. The original plan to send Xuanyuan Rong over was also only to guard against the unexpected.

A complacent smile flashed in First Elder's vicious eyes: "Since Rong girl doesn't need to go make peace through marriage, in that case, we also don't need to be polite with Eastern Ling. Pa.s.s on my order, order young General Zhao to immediately command soldiers in the north to start the fight, catching Eastern Ling unprepared. Inform him he must, in a month's time, step on all the rivers and hills of Eastern Ling!

Emperor Ming and Second Elder exchanged a glance, a smile flashing in both their eyes.

In the wake of First Elder having finished speaking, a black shadow flashed from the corner and disappeared in place.

Su Luo's eyes narrowed slightly.

So the one guarding the north was Nangong Liuyun's maternal uncle? If it was him, then it was actually somewhat troublesome.

Northern Mo was determined to exterminate Eastern Ling this time, directly sending over one at the ninth rank, two at the eighth rank and five at the seventh rank! Making these strong experts partic.i.p.ate in the war. For those ordinary soldiers, in front of them, any crafty plots and troop arrangements were completely useless, they were like tofu, just letting them freely cut.

Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun were both Eastern Ling's people, normally, she didn't feel very patriotic, but now, a kind of anger involuntarily arose in Su Luo's heart!

Eastern Ling country's land, how could it allow Northern Mo's iron tower to trample? Cultivation and martial arts, apart from protecting the people you care about, what else was it needed for? Naturally, it was to the guard the home and defend the country!

Because Nangong Liuyun was Eastern Ling's people, therefore, Su Luo naturally, by right, had a sense of belonging to Eastern Ling.

Su Luo's nose slightly puckered up.

At the moment, the best way was to chase after them and noiselessly get rid of those ninth rank, eighth rank and seventh rank on the way. Others might not have this ability, but Su Luo, who had several spirit pets, really had this kind of ability.

However, just when Su Luo turned around and was about to leave, suddenly, a radiance exploded out of the eyes of First Elder, who was quietly sitting in the hall!

"Give me to roll out!" First Elder suddenly shouted loudly towards the roof!

At the same time, his pair of hands that contained endless spirit power ruthlessly swept a burst towards the roof!

Worthy of being at the summit of commander rank expert, the power contained in this strike exploded out towards Su Luo like a tide and was also scorching hot like boiling lava.

Originally, when Su Luo was just about to leave, because the movement of getting up sent out a tiny sound, therefore, it was detected by First Elder.

After First Elder realized they were eavesdropped by someone, he simply was ashamed into anger to the peak, so he ruthlessly directly made a move. The strike contained one hundred percent of his power, prepared to directly kill this eavesdropping little thief on the spot!

Fortunately, Su Luo had discovered it early, without waiting for First Elder's palm attack to arrive, she deliberately slipped, proudly tumbling down the roofs with a crashing sound and luckily evading this all-out strike by First Elder.

Where the wind from the palm pa.s.sed, one could only hear the roof intensely sway, the glazed roof tiles fell down one after another, the entire palace hall appeared as if it was going to be forcibly torn open.

First Elder, moving quickly, rushed out to the roof.

Second Elder rushed out soon after.

Only the pitiful Emperor Ming, he, as the country's emperor, didn't even have enough time to deal with government affairs, where would he have the time to cultivate? Therefore, up until now, he was merely a third rank and nothing more. Facing these glazed roof tiles that surged down, Emperor Ming had nowhere to hide. Countless tiles smashed towards him, immediately burying him.

Fortunately, it didn't hit a vital part, Emperor Ming, swaying, stood up from among the tiles, covered in dirt from head to toe. His face was full of traces of cuts from the sharp tiles, his entire being appeared to cut an extremely sorry figure.

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