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Chapter 1307 – Girl genius (5)

This matter made Second Elder angry to the point that it was unbearable.

At that time, he was still extremely excited and wanted to accept Rong girl as his treasured disciple, and even feared she would be s.n.a.t.c.hed away by other people. Now, recalling this, such a waste, who would want to accept her ah? Even if he was paid, he would not want her, okay?

The First Elder's snow-white brows slightly wrinkled, stroking his clean beard that was bright as snow: "This matter does seem odd."

"How could it not be odd, it's simply like seeing a ghost!" Second Elder said, panting with rage.

"At that time, in the Clear Spirit Pond, was there anyone else?" First Elder deserved to be called First Elder, he hit the mark with his comment, sharply pointing straight to the core ah.

However, Second Elder immediately refuted it: "How is that possible? Elder Brother! It's not like you don't know, the key to Clear Spirit Pond is personally safeguarded by you, without that key, who could enter the door to Clear Spirit Pond?"

Fearing First Elder still wouldn't believe him, Second Elder still very stupidly acted on his own initiative to add half a sentence: "At that time, I even checked, there simply was no other people!"

First Elder became increasingly confused, he muttered half to himself: "Could it be that something's strange with Rong girl's body?"

"Impossible! This girl is just a waste! A waste without the slightest bit of spirit aura!" Second Elder coldly snorted with disdain.

A trace of suspicion flashed in First Elder's eyes, he slowly walked down the stone steps, unhurriedly strolling to Third Princess's side, like a n.o.ble senior descending, he squatted down and personally examined Third Princess's pulse.

Only after checking for a long time did he get up.

"Elder Brother, what I said wasn't wrong, right? This girl is simply just a waste without a bit of usefulness!"

The emperor wearing the bright yellow dragon robe sat motionlessly on the red sandalwood chair, at this moment, he unhurriedly inserted a word: "Second Uncle, Rong girl is not necessarily useless."

Second Elder swept an annoyed glance at Emperor Ming and coldly scoffed: "This waste should have been thrown out to feed the magical beasts at birth, raising her is just wasting foodstuff and air in vain."

Emperor Ming's deep gaze returned from the body of Third Princess who remained unconscious. He smiled shallowly and said to Second Elder: "Second Uncle, don't get angry, waste has the use of waste. Before, Mo'er mentioned to let her get married, now, it's proven she's truly a waste, surely she can be perfectly happy to go now."

"A waste, how could she go a.s.sa.s.sinate Eastern Ling's emperor?" Second Elder sneered a few times.

On top of the roof, the corner of Su Luo's mouth slowly hooked up into a sneer. The plan Northern Mo calculated was very good, to actually let the currently completely lacking in spirit power Third Princess to go a.s.sa.s.sinate Emperor Jing. Thinking of that muddled emperor that continuously prevented her and Nangong Liuyun from being together, Su Luo secretly snorted in her heart.

Only, this emperor of Northern Mo was also a muddled egg, simply no different from Su Zian. His daughter wasn't a waste, rather, she was an exceptional, startling, amazing genius of a little young lady.

Su Luo secretly sneered in her heart, wait until she helps this princess recovers her element, at that time, she'll make these people that looked down on her to all open their eyes wide to see clearly. When that moment comes, their faces will certainly be very ugly.

Inside the hall, Emperor Ming and Second Elder launched into a discussion on how to destroy Eastern Ling empire.

One only saw Emperor Ming laugh with a 'ha ha': "Second Uncle, just because Rong girl's body doesn't have spirit power, Eastern Ling's emperor won't be guarded against her. This will make it even easier for her to make her move ah."

"Saying it like this does makes a bit of sense." Second Elder's anger dissipated slightly, little by little, "But, if this girl makes a fuss of not wanting to go even alive or dead, then at that time, don't blame me for being impolite."

Although this Second Elder's strength had cultivated to the commander rank, but his mind was really too narrow. Moreover, regarding the younger generation with no spirit power, that gaze of his was simply not looking at the other side as a person.

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