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Chapter 1302 – The secret was leaked (3)

Ever since entering the eighth rank, Su Luo felt that her entire person wasn't quite the same as before.

Her eyes were brighter, she could hear much farther, and even her mind was a lot clearer. After learning how to teleport, her speed soared even more.

So, even though she knew the Second Elder was chasing that pitiful Third Princess, Su Luo still didn't hesitate to take a risk out of desperation, because of her stomach which was so hungry that it made rumbling sounds.

However, it was also strange that along the entire route, Su Luo already couldn't see the figures of those people in pursuit.

It might be a.s.sumed that the unlucky Third Princess either escaped out of the palace or she had already gotten captured and was brought back.

Su Luo extended her heartfelt sympathy for that Third Princess. Apart from this, she couldn't do much more. If they were fated to meet again, then she might give the Third Princess some good stuff.

Su Luo had in her hands Nangong Liuyun's hand-drawn map of Northern Mo Imperial palace. However, while holding the map, she travelled around once and still couldn't find the place. In the end, Su Luo put away the map and used a ruthless strategy.

What ruthless strategy?

In actuality, it was very simple. Su Luo simply let the little divine dragon come out. The little divine dragon's sense of smell was usually the sharpest. So, when this little guy was let out, without demur, he ran towards the east.

"Very good!" Su Luo happily followed this glutton, the little divine dragon, as he made a beeline straight for the imperial kitchen.

There was still a distance of five hundred meters from the imperial kitchen. Su Luo knew that this time, the little dragon guiding her haven't gone the wrong way.

The air carried a rich, sweet fragrance, enticing one's saliva to flow out, especially when one's stomach was so hungry that it called out with rumbling sounds.

Su Luo and the little divine dragon exerted all their strength to float into the fragrance-filled imperial kitchen like light smoke.

At this time, it just so happened to be the dinner rush hour. It was bustling inside the imperial kitchen.

Su Luo carried the little divine dragon and just traveled back and forth like this inside the s.p.a.cious imperial kitchen. Because her speed was as fast as a pa.s.sing gust of wind, so other people actually didn't see her.

Because the dishes hadn't come out of the pot yet, so Su Luo just carried the little divine dragon, whirled her body, and flew up to the roof to wait.

Looking down from her line of sight, she had a panoramic view of the scene in the entire imperial kitchen.

Those who were cutting and washing were cutting and washing, those who were stir-frying were stir-frying. It was neat and tidy, everything was clear and in good order.

Su Luo had picked a good spot. It was right above a whole row of stoves.

There was a stew pot, earthenware pot, frying pan… all sorts of delicacies. The only ones that couldn't be seen were ones that couldn't be imagined.

"How fragrant." Su Luo took a deep breath and gave a huge praise.

Truly speaking, ever since she was seriously injured by Yan Xia, that old witch, Su Luo hadn't managed to properly enjoy a meal with such delicacies.

If Su Luo didn't get to eat, then the little dragon naturally would be the same.

At this time, the little divine dragon fidgeted restlessly in Su Luo's arms. If it wasn't for Su Luo hugging him, he would have long since flown down and shoved all the delicacies into his mouth.

Su Luo patiently placated him, and coaxed: "Don't be anxious. Can't you see that the dishes haven't come out of the pot yet? If you eat undercooked food, you'll get diarrhea."

Su Luo didn't know if the dragon race would get diarrhea from eating undercooked food. Anyhow, in her eyes, the little divine dragon was just naturally a foolish little brat.

"Awoo, awoo——" The transparent saliva from the little divine dragon's mouth dripped straight down.

"Okay, okay, okay. I'll go get you something to eat right now. Don't be anxious." Su Luo stroked the little divine dragon's head. These days really made her too starved.

Before Su Luo finished appeasing the little divine dragon, the little fox inside her s.p.a.ce saw this and immediately cried and yelled out while rolling about on the floor, complaining that Su Luo was being partial.

These little brats, hey… none of them were truly easy to serve.

Su Luo gave the nine-tailed little fox some sincere warning, before letting it out.

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