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Chapter 1293 – Clear Spirit Pool (2)

Su Luo had just wanted to say something, but Nangong Liuyun used his mouth to block her voice.

Just at this moment, the sound of footsteps came from afar and got closer to them.

"Princess, His Highness the Crown Prince is too much, actually wanting to send you away to get married!" A palace maid's voice approached closer and closer, and could be heard spa.r.s.ely.

"Who told that Elder Brother's talent is so good, at that time, absorbing two Snow Spirit Crystal Stones completely. The entire royal family sees him as the rising hope for Northern Mo, how can I not let everything go his way?" The princess's tone with hidden bitterness sounded.

"But, how can he take you to get married ah! Moreover, to marry someone…" The little palace maid indignantly said.

"Since my talent isn't good, who can I blame this matter on? Blame G.o.ds and others?" Third Princess sadly and helplessly looked up to the sky.

The princess and servant talked as they walked, directly pa.s.sing by Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun's side.

Separated by a very thin wall, the two master and servant completely didn't find anything strange.

Waiting until they were far away, then, Su Luo drilled out from Nangong Liuyun's arms, eyes filled with novelty as she said: "Don't know which empire this Third Princess will be married to, it can't be Eastern Ling right?"

"What do you think?" For Nangong Liuyun, besides Su Luo, he wasn't concerned about other women, but seeing that Su Luo was curious, so he accompanied her to discuss this.

"It can't be to marry your father, to become your cheap mother ah?" Su Luo stuck out her tongue, asking while letting her imagination run wild.

Nangong Liuyun directly flicked her forehead: "Become this king's cheap mother, isn't she also your cheap mother ah? Do you think you can escape?"

"Ouch." Su Luo covered her forehead in pain, and stared bitterly at Nangong Liuyun: "Hateful!"

Nangong Liuyun laughingly helped her rub her forehead and patiently explained: "Eastern Ling and Northern Mo don't have a good relationship, even if it is a marriage alliance, this girl is merely being sent to become cannon fodder, but….."

"But what?" Su Luo's pitch-black eyes sparkled like the stars in the night sky.

She discovered that being together with Nangong Liuyun was really good, she simply didn't need to use her brain, and he had already calculated everything properly.

"However, we can use this Third Princess, to get Snow Spirit Crystal Stones." Nangong Liuyun rubbed his chin, dark-as-ink eyes profoundly mysterious. Suddenly, his mouth hooked into a very devilish charming smile.

This expression of Nangong Liuyun's, showed that the person he calculated would be very unlucky and bleed blood. Su Luo, at this moment, felt sympathy for that person he calculated against.

"However, what's a Snow Spirit Crystal Stone?" Su Luo expressed that she had never heard of it. Su Luo was thinking, once she get back. she must go to the Book Collection Pavilion, and read all the books about the miscellaneous things on the mainland at once, places that used normal book knowledge were really little ah.

Nangong Liuyun, with the encyclopedic knowledge, carefully explained to her: "Clear Spirit Pool must use Snow Spirit Crystal Stones. Absorbing the Snow Spirit Crystal Stones not only can one get rid of another’s' aura, it can also wash away the impurities in the muscles and bones of the person. Let one's cultivation go up another level."

"Northern Mo royal family actually had such a good thing?" Su Luo's slender fingers tapped at her chin, a trace of craftiness flashing through her eyes, "Since it is a good thing, it can't be missed."

"Just these words." Nangong Liuyun pulled Su Luo along and turned into a remote path, as if wind was under their feet, their speed was amazingly fast.

Not long after, Nangong Liuyun had brought Su Luo to a very remote place.

"Such clear lake water." After stopping, Su Luo gave a big praise.

Northern Mo Empire lacked water, this was something everyone on the mainland knew about. But now, in front of Su Luo's eyes, was a large area of light blue-colored lake water.

The water and sky was one color, so clear that you could see to the bottom.

Didn't expect Northern Mo imperial palace actually had such an exquisite place.

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