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Chapter 1292 – Clear Spirit Pool (1)

Feeling that alarming roar, the piece of chicken meat on Su Luo's chopsticks, with a 'pop' sound, landed on the table.

"That crazy old man, his speed is really fast. Can't he even let people eat a full meal?" Su Luo was so depressed that she almost scratched the wall. This journey of fleeing, she hadn't eaten a single full meal okay?

Nangong Liuyun's eyes narrowed slightly. That old madman's speed was no joke, but how could he chase up to them so quickly? Could it be that inside this, there was still a hidden trick?

"Let's leave first." Nangong Liuyun pulled Su Luo along, tossed down the chopsticks, turned and was about to quickly walk away.

"Hey, customers, you guys still haven't paid for the meal!" The shopkeeper saw the two that looked like immortals, would actually leave without paying, and he immediately ran out.

However, before he could run near them, a silver ingot smashed into the shopkeeper's chest, directly smashing this shopkeeper to fall on the ground.

"Ouch." The shopkeeper's chest was smashed very painfully, originally, he wanted to complain, but after seeing the white sparkling silver ingot in his bosom, immediately, he was all smiles.

Wherefore would Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun have time to pay any heed to him? The two people's speed soared to the max, from one roof to another, flashing by rapidly, leaving only afterimages behind.

Because their speed soared to the extreme, just like a gust of wind that rolled over, as a result, it didn't arouse the attention of pa.s.serbys.

Up ahead, the Imperial City was already in front of their eyes.

Right now was broad daylight, all four of the Imperial City gates were guarded by Yu Lin soldiers. The security was so tight that even a fly couldn't enter.

However, these Yu Lin soldiers were middle level, at most, only fourth or fifth rank. Moreover, Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun's state were much higher than theirs, so even when the two of them quickly flashed into the Imperial Palace, no one noticed anything.

However, the Imperial Palace, after all, was the site of the center of imperial power, so it was impossible not to have strong experts. So, Nangong Liuyun brought Su Luo to remote areas.

The two were strong, and also had sharp senses, usually, they already hid before a guard squadron arrived. Therefore, along the way, they were not hindered and no one discovered them in the imperial palace.

"You seem to be quite familiar with this imperial palace?" Su Luo, seeing that Nangong Liuyun didn't look at a map, but after many complicated turns, he didn't look lost either.

"There is a construction map ah, Eastern Ling's book collection pavilion has it." Nangong Liuyun showed a smile to Su Luo, his smile was like a blooming red spider lily, demonically charming, and tempting people to commit a crime.

Su Luo nodded her head in understanding. Having read an excessive amount of books, and being so erudite at a critical moment, it actually came in handy.

"Come, let's first go to the Clear Spirit Pool."

"Clear Spirit Pool?" Su Luo slanted her head, looking in puzzlement at Nangong Liuyun who was half a head taller than her.

"Northern Mo Palace's Clear Spirit Pool, can wash off any spirit aura that isn't one's own." Nangong Liuyun's eyes were half-narrowed, with a cautious expression, and a hint of seriousness.

"So you suspect, that old madman could chase us without letting go, is because my body was contaminated with his aura?" Su Luo cried out in alarm.

"It's more precise to say that it's both of us." A trace of helplessness flashed across Nangong Liuyun's face, "That day, I had a big battle with him, presumably, I was also contaminated by his aura. Never expected that without teleportation fluctuations, afterwards, the old madman can still rely on this aura to catch up. Sure enough, one can't overlook a saint-ranked expert."

"Nangong Liuyun, I find that you really are very two-faced ah." Su Luo pinched his shoulder, "From the beginning, you said to hide in Northern Mo Imperial Palace, because you've already fancied this whatever Clear Spirit Pool right?"

It's no wonder he didn't run to anywhere else, insisting on bringing her to run over here. She was saying ah, how was it that they were always headed towards the imperial palace.

Nangong Liuyun, this IQ, really made people look up to ah, destroy the gra.s.s to get rid of traces of snakes, depending on thousands of miles of routes, he had already prepared a good rout, announcing the answer at the last moment.

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