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Chapter 1286 – What path to take (7)

Because after the Dragon Scaled Horse died, this horse carriage would be very useful to everyone.

Just when some people were crying out in alarm, while some rejoiced in others' misfortune, the Dragon Scaled Horse's head smashed into the wall——

Everyone was taken aback when not only didn't the Dragon Scaled Horse smash the wall until its head broke with blood flowing, instead, seemingly out of nowhere, it disappeared in place.

"Oh heavens, what just happened? Where is that horse? How is it that it disappeared?" A lot of people rubbed their eyes in disbelief.

"It seems, seems it had pa.s.sed through to the other side!"

"Impossible! You think this wall is made from paper paste? How could it pa.s.s through?"

While everyone was discussing this, the soldiers on the wall were also dumbstruck.

However, they stood on top of the city gate, naturally, they had a panoramic view of the scene on both sides.

"Wow! What is that?" Soldier A saw a black dot that wasn't far away, and his eyes were opened very wide.

"It seems…seems like that horse carriage with the strange design from just now!!!" Soldier B cried out in fear!

"In the end, what's going on?" Soldier C asked incredulously.

Everyone was all speechless.

What happened? Only ghosts knew what really happened.

They didn't open the city gate, and the city wall wasn't broken. Nor did they see them drill underground or fly. However, they actually directly pa.s.sed through the wall, then ran far away…this must be the strangest d.a.m.ned thing under the heavens. Moreover, it happened in front of everyone's eyes ah.

Just when everyone was confused, disaster continuously broke out non-stop.

Old Madman was worthy of being Old Madman, after his bad temper started, he was completely unconcerned with anything. He disposed of everything without any qualms.

This city of criminals, was already a malignant tumor to the local government, the sovereign of Northern Mo wished he could pull out this malignant tumor by the root. But because n.o.body living in this city was an ordinary person, therefore, not only did he fail again and again, he even sacrificed a lot of soldiers because of this city.

Until later, when Northern Mo's sovereign really had no alternative, he finally handed Luo Yang City over to these criminals. Also because of this, the entire Northern Mo would constantly suffer trouble from this city of criminals, troubling and vexing the master of Northern Mo endlessly.

If the master of Northern Mo was to know what Su Luo did today, very likely, he would award her Best Fresh Talent Award ah.

After Su Luo escaped, the entire Luo Yang City sank into an abyss of suffering.

Elder Ancestor Mo, this old madman, he couldn't find Su Luo, and therefore, was overflowing with anger. The entire Luo Yang City was destroyed by him until nothing was left.

The disaster gradually extended from the north gate, and finally, to the south gate.

Wherever the old madman went, everything behind him was an area of ruins. Anyone seeing it would be shocked.

Under the south gate, those people's feeling of nervousness suddenly increased.

"Quickly open the city gate!"

"Open the city gate, otherwise, we'll set fire to the city!"

"If you don't open the city gate, your daddy, I, will kill every one of you in the next minute!"

Under the city gate, one after another, angry voices yelled, converging together into a mess, the drone of these voices echoing.

There were even smart people who recalled that strange horse that rushed out the city gate just now, and thought maybe, that wall had a mechanism that opened a hidden door. Therefore, they also rushed forward with flying speed.

But a pity, they directly smashed into the wall until they were badly bruised and b.l.o.o.d.y. There were those who were even more seriously hurt, directly pa.s.sing out from the hit.

"F*ck! It's a scam! This city wall simply doesn't have a mechanism to a hidden door!"

"Then how did that horse just go through?"

"Only ghosts would know! Maybe they are ghosts that can really punch a hole and go through walls okay?"

They couldn't find a reason to explain it, so they pushed the reason onto the bodies of demons and ghosts.

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