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Chapter 1260 – A matter of life and death (4)

Elder Ancestor Mo pushed aside his loose long hair, then looked at First Elder with an innocent expression, that gaze was cold and indistinct, making First Elder's cautious heart feel panicky.

"Big, Big Brother……" First Elder's palm waved in front of him, in fact, his heart was also very unsure.

At this moment, there was a strange quietness all around.

Elder Ancestor Mo's blank gaze was staring at First Elder, unblinkingly staring at him, a perplexed expression flashing through his eyes.

The First Elder and Mo Zixu looked at each other in dismay, in their hearts, they were trying to guess if Elder Ancestor Mo was awake or not.

Elder Ancestor Mo's foolish blank gaze moved from the First Elder's body, and looked at his surroundings before stopping on Su Luo's body.

Su Luo's heart suddenly gave a thump sound of being dropped. An ominous premonition quickly arose from the bottom of her heart, rapidly wandering through her four limbs and hundred of bones. What was this Elder Ancestor Mo about to do…..

Su Luo subconsciously took a step back and wanted to run away.

However, just at this moment of imminent peril, this Elder Ancestor Mo shot towards Su Luo like a male eagle!

Su Luo still hadn't reacted when her right wrist was already bitten by Elder Ancestor Mo, the flowing blood was immediately sucked into his mouth!

Su Luo was angry and furious all at once!

Cultivating to as high a state as Elder Ancestor Mo, was it an instinctive response to good stuff? See here, First Elder hadn't said anything when this deranged Elder Ancestor Mo directly pounced on her to suck her blood!

First Elder, seeing this, exchanged a glance with Mo Zixu, a trace of happiness flickering in their eyes.

Maybe after sucking Su Luo's blood, Elder Ancestor Mo could recover his clear-headedness. Moreover, he might even be able to break through and be promoted another rank. Both of them were thinking happily like this, looking favorably on Su Luo who had become spirit medicine.

At this moment, Su Luo's mood was simply bad to the extreme!

Although Elder Ancestor Mo was insane, but his instinct was still there. Don't know how his mouth was grown, his blood-sucking speed was simply astonishing, Su Luo even suspected, if he continue to suck like this, in less than a stick of incense's time, she would become an air-dried, mummy-like corpse.

What's to be done? Su Luo was continuously pondering over this question in her head.

Su Luo hadn't expected that Old Man Mo would come up so directly to madly suck her blood, therefore, her original stratagem, now, wouldn't work.

Just when Su Luo's brain was quickly spinning, in her mind, a familiar voice sounded.

"Loathsome girl, how precious is your blood, and to be sucked away by this old b.a.s.t.a.r.d just like this? Won't you be distressed over its loss?" The little stone woke up from its cultivation. One glance at this situation, and it then immediately flew into a rage.

"I'm in the midst of trying to think of a way now." Only, in front of absolute strength, any crafty plots and machinations were just paper tigers ah, Su Luo thought helplessly.

"Humph humph, this rotten old man, old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, actually dares to suck loathsome girl's blood, he is impatient with living ah!" The little stone said in a rage.

The little stone was a typical model of a super, narrow-minded, and liked to cover up his people's errors type. He normally would find Su Luo objectionable then fly into a rage, constantly scolding her, but whoever dared to harm a hair on Su Luo, he would be so angry to the point of itching to burn down the other side's whole family.

A trace of craftiness flashed through Su Luo's eyes. She deliberately didn't fight back, wasn't it precisely to request this Little Stone Grandpa to help? Now, the little stone's reaction was just like she had antic.i.p.ated.

However, Su Luo still feigned a weak and miserable condition: "Then what's to be done? I'm almost about to become a mummy."

Little Stone heavily snorted: "Dare to suck blood, have the ability to suck and not spit it out! Su girl, stand there and don't move."

"Ok, ok!" Su Luo immediately agreed, with excited rays of light flashing in her eyes.

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