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Chapter 1255 – Recoil of Madness (9)

"Were you born in the year of the dog?" Su Luo pulled back her arm unhappily. She took out a small transparent brocade box from her s.p.a.ce and handed it over in pa.s.sing, "Having seen you, you have a share. So, I'll give this to you."

Beichen Ying smilingly opened the case. Originally, he was just making fun of her, so he didn't really care about it. However, when he saw the thing inside the case, his entire person stiffened immediately.

"Seven Nights Black Flower!!!"

In a flash, Beichen Ying and Zi Yan opened their eyes wide, their gazes fixed on that enchantingly gorgeous flower which was in full bloom inside the brocade case. They were so startled that they even momentarily forgot to breathe.

A loving and spoiling smile flashed through Nangong Liuyun's eyes. Soon after, he pinched Su Luo's extremely thin and slender shoulders. His family's treasured Luo girl, was just awesome. The things she gave out would be out of the ordinary. This Seven Nights Black Flower was indeed very suitable for Beichen Ying.

The Seven Nights Black Flower grew in an extremely dangerous environment. It must grow in Snowfield Plateau, and there has to be a lava flowing underneath its location in the Snowfield Plateau. Only under such harsh conditions would a Seven Nights Black Flower bloom.

One might well ask, would there be boiling lava flowing below the Snowfield Plateau? Common sense would dictate that this was simply impossible. However, it was precisely this impossibility that brought about the Seven Nights Black Flower's mystical properties.

It was said that after consuming the Seven Nights Black Flower, one could naturally withstand attacks from ice and fire attributes. Beichen Ying had dual wind and water attributes. Originally, he could be restrained by ice and fire attributes. However, after consuming the Seven Nights Black Flower, he would naturally be immune to ice and fire dual system's attack in the same rank as him. What could be more fitting than this?

"Then, you don't like it? If you don't like it…"

Before Su Luo even finished speaking, she saw Beichen Ying s.n.a.t.c.h up the Seven Nights Black Flower with one hand and immediately take a bite of a petal. After that, he protected the flower in his embrace, simultaneously muttering unclearly, "I've already taken a bite of it."

Seeing him protecting it like it's a treasure, afraid she would steal it from him, three black lines immediately appeared on Su Luo's forehead. Could this grown sunny boy be any more childish?

"What about me, what about me?" Zi Yan tugged on Su Luo's sleeve pitifully.

Su Luo unhappily glanced at her. This was the so-called proximity to different environments provides different influences. Zi Yan had stayed with Beichen for too long and also got infected by his love of pretending to look pitiful.

"Even if I miss someone, how could I leave out my family's Zi Yan ah. You say, am I right or not?" Su Luo was all smiles as she took out a brocade box from her sleeve and handed it over to Zi Yan, "Your present. Take it."

In fact, Su Luo genuinely liked to loot others' hidden treasure troves and then return to play Santa Claus by splitting the gifts.

Seeing her little companions happily holding the gifts she distributed and then spreading it around, she felt very satisfied. She could even ignore all the previous thrilling dangers she had experienced.

"What is this?" Zi Yan slowly opened the brocade box, full of curiosity.

Before she even saw it, Beichen Ying had taken the lead to cry out in surprise, "Wow! This is Above Ninth Grade Spirit Gra.s.s! Zi Yan, you've struck gold!"

After an Elemental Elf swallowed the Above Ninth Grade Spirit Gra.s.s, very likely, it would automatically be promoted a rank. This present was indeed like it was custom-made for Zi Yan.

"Luo Luo! How did you suddenly have all these great things?" Zi Yan was simply extremely amazed.

For Su Luo to be able to select presents which were the most suitable for them, it meant that she had a lot of leeway in selecting the gifts. If Su Luo already had this Above Ninth Grade Spirit Gra.s.s previously, she would have already taken it out back when they were pulling out the Cheng Ying Sword in the Nine Different Palace Halls, rather than delaying it till now.

Su Luo's eyes narrowed halfway, and the smile on her face slowly widened. Then finally, she was smiling almost to the point of convulsing with laughter.

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