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Chapter 1246 – Entering the forbidden area again (9)

However, this teleport was really not secure ah, especially when it came to fleeing for one's life. If she didn't have an escape route planned out, she could very easily get lost from fleeing.

Su Luo didn't have time to think of other things, the most important matter right now was to determine where she was at.

Where was this place? A ma.s.sive question mark appeared over Su Luo's head.

This palace hall wasn't big, inside, the decorations were all low-key and luxurious.

All around was terribly quiet.

After Su Luo waited for quite a while and didn't discover any other movements, she quietly released some spirit power to probe the situation in her surroundings.

This palace hall was deathly still, as if there wasn't anything alive in it.

However, if nothing alive was in here, then why would there be so many layers of people protecting this place? Su Luo thought about it, then released the little divine dragon from her s.p.a.ce.

The little divine dragon's ability to find the path to treasure, was absolutely something n.o.body could compare to.

Su Luo muttered several sentences by the little divine dragon's ear, then placed him on the ground.

The little divine dragon's nose sniffed the air, then very quickly, he decided on a direction. He opened his little legs and dashed over.

Su Luo followed behind the little divine dragon, advancing stealthily along the way and taking precautions.

After bypa.s.sing three forks in the road, up ahead, they had arrived at a stone room.

The little divine dragon stopped outside this stone room, grabbing his ears and scratching his cheeks, he wanted to go in but couldn't go in.

Seeing Su Luo come over, the little divine dragon, in one stride, rushed into Su Luo's arms. His little claw pointed at that stone door: "Go in, go in."

The little divine dragon no longer was like when he was an infant, only knowing how to call out 'awoo, awoo' non-stop. Right now, he could already say a few simple words.

"What's inside there?" Su Luo cautiously asked. However, the little divine dragon having such an excited appearance, Su Luo could also guess, inside, there certainly was the little divine dragon's favorite treasure.

"Really huge, purple, crystal stone!" The little divine dragon excitedly gestured with his two little paws, drawing a bun-sized circle over his head.

"That big of a purple-colored crystal stone? Impossible, right?" Su Luo asked in disbelief.

"Possible, possible!" The little divine dragon was afraid Su Luo wouldn't believe him, he grabbed her and persistently walked her to the door of the stone room.

If it was really like the way the little divine dragon said, and there was really such a huge purple-colored crystal stone, then she must not miss it.

As everyone knew, the bigger the size of the crystal stone, the more spirit power it contained and the purer it was. Such a large purple-colored crystal stone, that was something much sought after but which one rarely came across ah. Even Su Luo had never seen one like it.

Su Luo carried the little divine dragon, her mind moved, when she opened her eyes again, she was already inside the stone room.

With the ability to teleport, every kind of lock, with regards to Su Luo, were merely decorative items.

Su Luo opened her eyes and carefully surveyed her surroundings.

This stone room was very large, inside was very empty. At one glance, she could see to the end of the room.


In the center of the stone room, an old man sat with his legs crossed.

Looking from Su Luo's angle, she could only see his back.

One could see this old man with grey hair casually draped over his shoulder. He was dressed in a black robe, the long robe was made from black silk from the east sea. Its value was considerable, but it could last long and not rot.

At this time, powerful spirit force encircled this elderly man, as if all the spirit power from heaven and earth was transferred into his body.

A really formidable elderly man.

Su Luo's heart was secretly startled.

The feeling this elderly man gave her was terrifying, This was the kind of reverence of looking up at a huge mountain, making it impossible for people's heart to resist.

Just at this time, the little divine dragon struggled free from Su Luo's arms. His little legs took very quick strides, running to the front of the elderly man.

Su Luo's heart was alarmed, taking hurried steps to chase after him.

Purple-colored crystal stone!

At this moment, on the ground before the elderly man, a row of crystal stones was arranged there. A total of seven pieces, every piece was the size of an adult's fist!

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