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Chapter 1242 – Entering the forbidden area again (5)

After First Elder finished being angry, he returned to his senses.

This time, Central Palace's losses were admittedly huge, but having obtained Su Luo, this Human Blood Medicine, whose blood was mixed with Scarlet Blood Ningpo Figwort, this was an extremely rare, good event.

Therefore, First Elder's plan turned to Su Luo.

Not only did they dispatch people to tightly guard that remote courtyard, at the same time, people were dispatched to get Su Luo's blood.

How could Su Luo give them her blood?

In order to stall for time, Su Luo had no choice but to give up a small amount of her blood, of course, this time, she put in traces of poison.

Thus letting First Elder know the news that she was slowly in the process of detoxification.

"Simply too vile!" Looking at the people who came for blood strutting out, Zi Yan clenched her fists in anger: "If Luo Luo's blood continues to flow like this, how can her body take it?"

A cold intent flashed through Su Luo's eyes: "Since Central Palace wants to court disaster, n.o.body can save it."

She originally had wanted to stop, but since Central Palace didn’t want to stop, then everyone will continue to play.

Seeing the curtain of night gradually cover the sky, the corner of Su Luo's mouth pulled into a sly sneer.

The thickness of night.

All around was pitch-black as ink, you couldn't see the fingers on your hand.

Because of the matter of the Divine Spirit Tree being stolen, the entire Central Palace's security was even stricter than before.

Beat a gong every ten steps, whistle every five steps, in addition to a steady flow of patrolling troops.

The whole security, it was almost impossible to escape.

This security, with regards to other people, was definitely inescapable, but for Su Luo, it was merely like decoration.

Because she could teleport, therefore, n.o.body could find traces of her.

This time, Su Luo's objective was very simple and very clear——

Central Palace's treasure storage pavillion!

With regards to treasure storage pavilions, Su Luo was not at all unfamiliar with them. At that time, when she hadn't been in this strange world for long, Su Luo had groped her way into Su Manor's treasure storage pavilion and turned it upside down while wantonly stealing. It was a pity that at that time, she didn't have s.p.a.ce on hand, so she couldn't take away a lot of the treasures.

This time was different.

Su Luo's s.p.a.ce was huge without limit, it wasn't much pressure for her to take the entire treasure storage pavilion with her.

The treasure storage pavilion was mysterious and obscure, around it, experts guarded it all year round.

Let alone to say, because of the theft of the Divine Spirit Tree, the number of experts guarding here has since been doubled.

The door to the treasure storage pavilion was refined by the number one craftsman in the continent, apart from the palace master, n.o.body else had the key to it.

But these, for Su Luo, were all merely just fleeting clouds.

No matter how many people guarded the outside, no matter how awesome the lock, Su Luo, with just one teleport, would dispatch it all.

Therefore, under Central Palace's strict security, where even a fly could not enter the treasure storage pavilion, Su Luo only needed to teleport and directly went inside.

Su Luo opened her eyes, to look at the situation inside the treasure storage pavilion. She couldn't help but to suck in a cold breath of air.

Worthy of being one of the ten great families's treasure storage pavilion, it was indeed formidable and imposing.

Altogether, there were five rows of shelves. The shelves were made from precious thousand-year-old red sandalwood, emitting a faint, red sandalwood fragrance.

Every red sandalwood shelf was placed with all sorts of treasures.

The first row was medicinal herbs, second row was pills, third row was weapons, fourth row was secret martial arts books and fifth row was actually crystal stones!

"Eh, isn’t this millennium-old Linzhi Mushroom?" Su Luo randomly picked up a Purple Linzhi Mushroom from the shelf, a rare happiness flashing through her eyes.

Purple Linzhi Mushroom was a premium product among Linzhi Mushrooms, a millennium-old Purple Linzhi Mushroom was even rarer. Worthy of being Central Palace's treasure storage pavilion, every single thing in this room would make people envious.

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