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Chapter 1241 – Entering the forbidden area again (4)

Seeing Su Luo appear safe and sound inside the room, only now did Nangong Liuyun relax his heart.

At the same time, Beichen and Zi Yan pounced on her.

"Luo Luo, how is it? Is there any harvest?" Beichen Ying was comparably impatient.

"Hey hey, you guys look and see what this is." Su Luo waved her hand, immediately, a fiery red ancient tree appeared in front of them.

"Wow!!" Beichen Ying's beautiful eyes immediately opened wide, his brilliant red lips opening up slightly. He was so excited that he nearly couldn't control himself: "This is the Divine Spirit Tree ah! When I was little, Grandfather took me to look at it!"

Zi Yan also excitedly nodded her head repeatedly. "Yes, yes, that's correct, precisely the Divine Spirit Tree!"

Beichen Ying excitedly hugged Su Luo's arm: "Before, I still thought that, at most, you will only steal a few fruits, I had no idea our family's Luo Luo was so amazing. To actually carry back the whole Divine Spirit Tree! This is the Divine Spirit Tree ah!"

Zi Yan was close to fainting from excitement: "That's right ah, that's right ah. Before, Central Palace was really haughty ah, there were all kinds of restrictions to even take a glance at the Divine Spirit Tree. Now, the Divine Spirit Tree is in front of me, I can look at it however I want to, really blessed oh."

Looking at the two guys who were so excited as to almost forget their own surnames, Su Luo said in annoyance: "Isn’t it just a Divine Spirit Tree? Is it really that amazing?"

"Of course it's amazing ah! This Divine Spirit Tree, even my grandfather was itching to appropriate it for himself." Beichen Ying animatedly said.

"Uh-huh, uh-huh. Central Palace was very stingy, even a branch with leaves would demand a sky-high price ah! Moreover, this branch with leaves simply couldn't be planted." Zi Yan hurriedly answered.

"You guys want it?"

"Want ah, of course want it!" Zi Yan and Beichen Ying's little heads nodded repeatedly,

"Then, when the time comes, I'll give each of you one to plant." Su Luo very boldly waved her hand.

"Give each of us one plant?" Zi Yan's eyes opened widened, she looked at Su Luo with disbelief, "Where did you come by so many Divine Spirit Tree? The pit from the Divine Spirit Fruit, when planted, simply won't grow. Even the branches with leaves inserted into the ground won't grow."

As a result, for so many years, only Central Palace had a Divine Spirit Tree.

Su Luo beamingly said: "A person from the mountains naturally has brilliant plans, but the mysteries of heaven must not be revealed. You guys just wait and receive it."

Just now, she had asked, and the little stone very matter-of-factly said, the pit from the Divine Spirit Tree might not be able to planted anywhere else, but it can grow when planted in her s.p.a.ce.

"Oh, that's right, forget to tell you guys." Su Luo smilingly told everybody in a lively and realistic way about her framing Mo Yunfeng.

"Pfft——" Nangong Liuyun, who was just drinking water, gracelessly spit out a mouthful of water,

Beichen Ying covered his stomach, laughing so hard that he was almost rolling on the ground, Zi Yan's whole body was curled onto Su Luo, she hugged her stomach and directly cried that it hurts.

She laughed while giving Su Luo a thumbs up: "Awesome, really, too awesome; Great, really, too great, worthy of being our family's weirdest Luo girl."

Everyone was talking and laughing, time pa.s.sed quickly to arrive at the second day.

Su Luo and the others were all curious about the follow-up to Mo Yunfeng's matter, without using much effort in asking around, they were able to find out.

Mo Yunfeng sought Mo Yunhai to fight, the two brothers broke their relationship sharply, in the end, both sides suffered, both could not get up from their beds. It was estimated that they would stay in bed for at least a month.

A month's time, very good ah, in this period of time, Mo Yunfeng won't come to bother them. They could concentrate on cultivating. Su Luo thought secretly.

However, the world changes whether you wanted it or not.

Su Luo and the others wanted to restrain themselves, but how could Central Palace's people let them be?

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