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Chapter 1239 – Entering the forbidden area again (2)

"No… No… This is not real!" Mo Yunfeng's entire body shook violently, opening his mouth to loudly explain, "This wasn't written by me! All of this isn't real!"

How could something so unreasonable happen? How could he like his younger sister?

Besides, this letter was written in such a disgusting and sickening manner. This wasn't something a person of his temperament would do!

"First Elder, Daddy, I've been framed by someone, I really am being framed by someone. This simply was not something I wrote!" Mo Yunfeng defended himself intensely, yelling out that he was wronged, added to that expression of disbelief, he looked really pitiful.

However, the First Elder looked at him with remorse: "You said you've been framed?"

"Yes, I've been framed! This absolutely was not something I wrote!"

"But, do you admit it or not, this is your handwriting?" First Elder, step by step, pressed in on him forcefully.

"I…" Mo Yunfeng really wanted to deny it, but this handwriting, even he himself couldn’t tell if it was his or not. Because it was too similar to his ah, even the manner of speech was the same.

"Hmph!" First Elder snorted coldly, his eyes were ferocious, "You are certain you want to deny it to the end?"

"First Elder!" Mo Yunfeng very helplessly yelled, "I really didn’t write this, don't believe me, you guys can call Yunqing over. Just ask her, you'll know if it is true or not, we really have been framed by someone!"

"You still disdain that you guys haven't lost enough face? And still want to continue losing face?" First Elder waved his large hand, "This matter will end here. Tomorrow, you will go into seclusion in the mountains, don't come back before you've reached tenth rank!"

Mo Yunfeng's eyes suddenly opened wide: Tenth rank, he wasn't Nangong Liuyun, heaven knows that, without the Divine Spirit Fruit, how many months and years he's going to spend before reaching the tenth rank!

However, speaking of Nangong Liuyun…

"First Elder, the person Yunqing likes is Nangong Liuyun, this point, many people can bear witness to ah! I really have been framed ah…" Mo Yunfeng persistently explained, hoping FIrst Elder could give him back an innocent verdict.

If he accepted the punishment, didn't that mean that he covertly admitted that there was something between him and his younger sister? Absolutely out of the question! He was innocent ah!

"You still want to put the blame for the matter on Nangong Liuyun?" First Elder saw that Mo Yunfeng was stubborn to death, wouldn't change, not willing to admit it, no matter what, momentarily, he was even more angry.

He swept a glance at the four elders on the side and coldly said: "Just now, what else did you find? You should stop hiding it, bring it all out!"

Fourth Elder didn’t think First Elder's eyes were so sharp, even his little movement was noticed.

Fourth Elder looked at Mo Yunfeng sympathetically, then helplessly handed over a red cloth: "First Elder…."

First Elder, in a despising manner, glanced at that red cloth, then his ice-cold gaze swept towards Mo Yunfeng: "What is this thing, how could it be found in your room?"

Mo Yunfeng shook open that cloth, and immediately, his face turned purplish red.

It was a piece of girl's undergarment, embroidered with mandarin ducks playing in water. On it, was even embroidered the character 'qing'.

This… this certainly was Mo Yunqing's undergarment ah.

How could Mo Yunfeng recognize it at one glance? Because that time, when he sucked out the poison for Mo Yunqing, she was wearing exactly this undergarment ah….

Mo Yunfeng felt that his whole head had gotten huge.

Mo Zixu saw Mo Yunfeng's stupefied appearance, immediately, his heart was furious. He sent a fierce kick directly towards Mo Yunfeng: "You, this unfilial son! You really did commit this disgraceful offence that violated human relations! Your daddy, I, absolutely won't spare you!"

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