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Chapter 1235 – Big operation of excavating the tree (7)

There was no cla.s.sified information in these letters. It was merely letters between Central Palace and several friendly powerful families, several letters among young masters that he had dealings with. What amazed Su Luo was that Luo Haochen and Mo Yunfeng were good enough friends to write letters to each other. Luo Haochen had personally told Mo Yunfeng the matter of them going to Xian's Wood Residence.

Su Luo's eyes flashed slightly.

Seeing that Mo Yunfeng could so quickly find Li Yaoyao, it was not by chance, rather, it was for certain.

Because Mo Yunfeng had already brought people to keep watch in Xian's Wood Residence's surroundings.

He didn't go into Xian's Wood Residence to challenge the Nine Different Palace Halls exactly because he wanted to celebrate by fishing at an advantage! Because he had already known of the medicinal effect of the Scarlet Blood Ningpo figwort!

This despicable vile person.

Originally, Su Luo had a trace of guilt for the things she was about to do, but now, not only did she not feel guilty, she even had a trace of pleasure from retaliating.

Why would Su Luo look at Mo Yunfeng's letters? The reason was so she could imitate his handwriting.

After checking the handwriting, Su Luo gave authority to Little Stone to take over her body. Just like that day when Little Stone took her place to speak mystic clan's language.

"What to write?" Seeing the blank piece of paper spread out in front, Little Stone scowled.

"Love letter." Su Luo said concisely.

"Love….Letter…." The corner of Little Stone's mouth twitched, "Fine, you dictate and I'll write."

Su Luo lifted her little face, in a deadly serious manner, she started to dictate: "My most beloved little Qing'er…."

Three black lines appeared on the little stone's forehead, but he still loyally and conscientiously wrote down these words, imitating Mo Yunfeng's handwriting. Moreover, he had a premonition, what Su Luo would say following this would definitely be more shocking than calling her by that name.

"Little Qing'er, I love you very much! Even though I have said this many times, every time, you would turn your face away shyly and timidly…"

The little stone's forehead was full of black lines, the hand holding the pen trembling slightly. However, his professionalism and self-accomplishment made him continue to write at a tremendous speed.

"I will forever remember that moonless night with high winds. I kissed you deeply, and deeply caressed your graceful body…"

Little Stone, though feeling suffocated, continued to write using Mo Yunfeng's handwriting.

"That night, you were lying at my side naked, facing each other. You said that at this moment, you were full of fiery pa.s.sion. In a world of ice and snow, you became a warm spring flower blooming open, so bright and beautiful…"

The little stone almost couldn't continue to write…

Su Luo's, this explicit full of meat words of love, rushed out completely as if it cost nothing. Moreover, when she was dictating, she even added exaggerated feelings of deep love. Watching this, the little stone almost threw up.

However, Su Luo continued to dictate: "That night….etc. etc. etc…"

The more she dictated, the more romantic and erotic these words became, more wild and more explicitly s.e.xual. Every movement, every position, every area, Su Luo seemed to have thought of it all. This service could be said to be very thorough.

Just when the little stone was about to crumble, Su Luo finally stopped.

"Did you write it all down?"

"Have a look at it yourself." Little Stone tossed aside the pen and directly withdrew his soul.

Now, on the little stone's head, was full of sweat. Doing this thing was even more painful than cultivating.

Su Luo picked up that thick pile of papers from the table, carefully looking at it page by page. Afterwards, she nodded in satisfaction: "These words were written with so much feelings, as it turns out, Little Stone, you are also a master at such matters ah."

Little Stone stumbled and almost fell down. He sent a glare at Su Luo, then simply directly went to cultivate and ignored her.

Su Luo sat in the circular chair behind the desk, the smile at the corner of her lips expanding more and more.

If this love letter with handwriting that was exactly the same as Mo Yunfeng's were to spread out…in addition to the s.e.x scandal from before between Mo Yunfeng and Mo Ziqing….at that time, this matter would become very amusing.

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