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Chapter 1219 – A freak combination of factors (9)

"Hey, did you hear? Heard that Third Miss is pregnant, the child belongs to Second Young Master!"

"Wow! Unlikely right? Such stimulating news? Who did you hear this from?"

"This matter, a lot of people knows, but Second Young Master had sent down strict orders, no one is allowed to discuss it. If he is innocent, then why would he be afraid of people talking about it?"

"What you said is true..but this matter is really…"

"Hush, this matter, I'm only telling you, you are not allowed to tell others oh."

"Okay, okay, I know, I know, I definitely won't say!"

"Hey, did you guys hear? I heard Third Miss and Second Young Master are about to elope oh?"


"This is the truth! It is said Third Miss is pregnant with Second Young Master's child. The two people are just in the process of finding a place where no one knows them to live a life of peace and quiet."

"Unlikely right? This is impossible ah."

"What is impossible, this matter is absolutely true! Hush this matter I'll only tell you, you are not allowed to tell other oh!"

"Okay, okay, I know, I know, I definitely won't spread it!"

In the camp, the bursts of private conversations lingered on. Moreover, the more this matter spread, the more outrageous it become. In the end, it was even spread that Mo Yunqing had already given birth to a b.a.s.t.a.r.d and it was said as if people had seen it.

If these rumors didn't have the help and partic.i.p.ation of Su Luo's group of three people, that would be impossible. Availing themselves of the time when Nangong Liuyun was healing, these three bored people did everything they could to help this rumor. They contributed to the brightness and heat of the rumor.

After a few days, when Mo Yunqing's poison was finally resolved, after she walked out, everyone gazed at her with a complicated expression, such that she could only stare blankly back.

Mo family's Third Miss still didn't know what happened that day, as a result, she ran crying to find Mo Yunfeng. But Mo Yunfeng simply didn't dare to see her ah, as a result, used various methods to avoid her.

This made Mo Yunqing's anger soar up in a straight line.

For a moment, the atmosphere in this troop was very strange.

Everyone returned to Central Palace under this strange atmosphere.

The Central Palace was located in the intersection where north meets east.

Now, was just in the depth of winter, the weather was very cold, with big heavy snow falling from the sky.

However, don't know what's the matter with the boundary where Central Place was located. Within a range of fifty kilometers, unexpectedly, it was always spring, with green and lush plants. The plants had luxuriant leaves and complicated branches, a scene full of life.

Central Palace was located halfway up a mountain, looking from a distance, it seemed to be in a fairy-like mist. Between the ancient woods full of green leaves, faintly, the lush flowers and trees seemed to revolve around it.

Cloud and mist floated about, a faintly discernable bejeweled jade palace could be seen. Everything seemed like a fairyland from far away.

"This scenery is really not bad." Su Luo lightly smiled and exclaimed in admiration. Only, it's a pity Mo Yunfeng invited her to come, secretly, he even held back his bad intent. Perhaps, this place that was once beautiful and secluded, very quickly, would be in the past tense.

How could Mo Yunfeng guess at Su Luo's thoughts, now, they had arrived at Central Palace, he immediately released a breath in relief.

This time, he didn't spend a soldier or a p.a.w.n to successful complete the mission, the family elders would definitely look highly upon him. When the time comes, his position would definitely raise a step, then, the next recognized master of this Central Palace would not necessarily be his older brother.

Mo Yunfeng thought of this, and his smile increasingly became smug: "Miss Su, please come this way. I'll first take you guys to a place to settle down."

Su Luo's group of people followed behind Mo Yunfeng. Seeing the path he walked become further and further from the main road, until, in the end, it was nearly deserted.

Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun exchanged a glance and saw a touch of interest in each other's gaze. Mo family seemed to want them to be under house arrest? However, this matter was within their expectations.

Author: Originally thought to bite Mo Yangqing in the inner thigh then thought how wicked that was, not suitable for children ah….facepalm.

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