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Chapter 1218 – A freak combination of factors (8)

Mo Yunfeng nearly sprayed out a mouthful of blood, d.a.m.n, d.a.m.n, this matter must be the work of Beichen Ying, that guy, only he could do something so sinister.

"Roll! All of you roll out for me!" The always cultured and refined Second Young Master Mo, for the first time, disregarded his image and flipped out.

These experts from Central Palace looked at each other in dismay…

"But Young Master Beichen said…" Among them, an expert that wasn't afraid to die emerged.

"Young Master Beichen? Is your last name Beichen? Are you from Beichen family?" Mo Yunfeng, in a rage, directly bombarded back, "Roll, roll, roll, I order you all to roll out! If you don't roll, then don't blame me for not giving you guys the chance to roll!"

His words hadn't faded when these experts all scattered like birds and beasts. They ran away very fast, even those three guards took advantage of this chaos to run out.

Within the tent, very quickly, remained only Mo Yunfeng and Mo Yunqing, who was lying on the bed, unconscious.

Mo Yunfeng looked at Mo Yunqing lying on the bed, for a period of time, his facial features were at a loss. He gloomily grabbed his hair, looked to the sky and gave a long hiss: Oh heaven, in the end, what did he do wrong?

Mo Yunfeng was tangled for a long time afterwards, then, he finally ordered. He instructed down——

Today's matter, no one was to mention it again, whoever mentions it, whoever dies!

Once this order was sent out, immediately, all around was quiet. No one dared to say a sentence more on this matter again.

Inside Su Luo's tent.

After Su Luo heard of this order, she immediately laughed out loud "This Mo Yunfeng is really interesting. Does he really think this matter can be curbed just like this? Simply a pipe dream."

"What do you mean? Don't tell me there is still more follow up to come?" Beichen Ying's face was full of interest as he leaned close to Su Luo. He pulled at Su Luo and beseechingly asked, "Sister-in-law, you quickly say it. What more fun is there to play with?"

"A sage once said, only a clever man can stop a rumor. Mo Yunfeng's, this choice, actually made the matter worse. On the contrary, he had drawn this matter in the worst direction possible." The corner of Su Luo's mouth hooked up into a smile that wasn't quite a smile. Her eyes shined brightly, "You all just wait, this lady will very quickly send Mo Yunfeng a huge gift."

"Sister-in-law, I beg for a spoiler." Beichen Ying pouted his brilliantly red lips with huge interest in this matter.

Su Luo directly slapped him on the head: "Give you a spoiler, then it wouldn't be fun anymore. Wait for it, anyway, it will be very soon."

"Oh." Beichen Ying rubbed the place on his head where Su Luo slapped and obediently promised.

Once Mo Yunfeng's order came out, indeed, no one dared to discuss this openly, but what about privately? Humans had always been a curious animal, this kind of huge gossip that violated proper human relationship and alarmed the heavens, how could it be extinguished?

Consequently, secretly, these kinds of news were being spread.

"Hey did you guys hear?"

"What's the matter ah?"

"I heard Second Young Master and Third Miss did that and that…"

"What that and that?"

"Just that and that ah, do you understand?"

"Wow, unlikely ah! They are biological siblings ah!"

"Just because it's between biological siblings, it's more lively and exciting ah!"

"This kind of matter, we cannot make irresponsible remarks."

"Wherefore are these irresponsible remarks? This is something I had seen with my own eyes. At that time, Second Young Master was just pressing down on Third Miss, doing that stuff ah. But was halted by the not so discreet Young Master Beichen ah."

"Wow! Really stimulating ah! This, this, if Mistress of Central Palace found out…"

"Alas, isn't it because there are so many taboos in the Palace, so once he left Central Palace, then they had free rein to do so, right? It could clearly be seen everyday how bitterly they had to endure it."

"It's no wonder that Third Miss secretly slipped out. So, it turned out it was just so she could with Second Young Master…"

"Hiss, this matter, I only told you. You are not allowed to tell others oh."

"Uh, uh, I know, I know. I definitely will not say!"

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