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Chapter 1216 – A freak combination of factors (6)

Unexpectedly, Su Luo's reaction was one hundred, no, one thousand times stronger than his own!

"Ahhhhhh!!!!" Su Luo seemed to have received a stimulus, she covered both eyes and started to shout out loud.

Su Luo's, this shout, simply alarmed heaven and earth and made ghosts cry. It was really world-shaking. where the earth quaked and mountains shook, giving off a matchless, vast energy!

Within a fifty kilometer distance, everyone could hear clearly, let alone to say this small circle of tents?

"What's going on, what's going on? What happened?" Beichen Ying's acting was extremely realistic, he directly kicked the captain of the guards into the tent. Afterwards, he followed tightly behind and entered.

Very quickly, the people outside all spilled into Mo Yunqing's tent.

"Ahhhhhh, Beichen Ying, Zi Yan, let us quickly go, quickly go!" Su Luo pulled at the two people and wanted to run as if she had lost her mind from fear.

Beichen Ying looked at the scene before him, and then, it was as if his entire person had become lifeless like a statue, as he stood there, motionless. Su Luo pushed him and couldn't make him move.

Having a pa.s.sion for acting, Beichen Ying stood there in a daze, looking at Mo Yunfeng. Then afterwards, he pointed at Mo Yunfeng, loudly and angrily roaring to interrogate: "You, you, you, this brute that isn't even a thing. What did you do to your younger sister?!"

Originally, when he saw a group of people rush in, Mo Yunfeng was already almost too ashamed to show his face. Then, to hear Beichen Ying's denunciation, suddenly, the mouthful of blood stuck in his throat almost spurted out.

Beichen Ying quickly walked up, with one grabb, he lifted Mo Yunfeng up, with a powerful inexhaustible voice, he roared: "Mo Yunfeng! You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! She is your younger sister ah, from the same mother and father. A younger sister born from the same parents ah! Now, what did you just do to her!"

Mo Yunfeng, for a second, wasn't aware and was actually lifted up by Beichen Ying.

Zi Yan, who was watching on the side, was simply speechless.

This Beichen Ying's act was too excessive right? Did he think he was Mo Yunqing's fiancee? This interrogation att.i.tude, did he really think he was someone important? As a result, Zi Yan quietly pulled at Beichen Ying's sleeves, hinting that he should pay a little more attention to not go overboard with his acting. Good enough was fine.

Now, within this tent, it was outrageously disorderderly.

The top half of Mo Yunqing's body was scarlet red, lying there, chest swollen, it appeared to be an ash purple color. Now, she had sunk into unconsciousness and was unaware of everything that was happening before her eyes.

It was fortunate that she was unconscious, otherwise now, she would be so ashamed that she would directly knock her head to die.

Didn't you see that row of guards lined up at the door? All of them looked at the scene inside the tent with a dumbstruck expression okay? Didn't you see that that captain of the guards was completely flabbergasted?

Now, Su Luo ran up to pull at Beichen Ying: "Little Shadow, let us quickly go. This matter is their family's matter, we don't have the authority to control okay?"

"But! If we just see things and run away, it's not how a man of character does things ah." Beichen Ying used upright words to support his handsome serious face, "Let alone to say Mo Yunfeng's, such conduct, really undermines the good reputation among the influential families. If this matter was to spread out…"

"Fart it would spread out. You aren't afraid that they will directly kill you to silence you?" Su Luo unhappily slapped his arm, "Quickly let go, Mo Yunfeng is about to be choked to death by you."

"But…" Beichen Ying stuck out his neck, as if trying to reason with Su Luo.

However, Su Luo was being completely unreasonable and directly said: "This kind of matter definitely was because both are willing. What are you doing, inserting a pole in horizontally? Maybe they are cursing you that you had eaten fully, and with nothing to do, to meddle in other people's business."

Beichen Ying suddenly seemed to realized something. He immediately released Mo Yunfeng's collar then patted at the folds on the shirt collar: "So it actually is a couple being with each other harmoniously, you look at me being like this…hehe, regard it as me meddling too much in other's business. You guys continue, continue being busy okay?"

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