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Chapter 1215 – A freak combination of factors (5)

Mo Yunfeng really couldn't think of another way, bracing himself as if he was not afraid to die, and walk into Mo Yunqing's room.

"Second Older Brother…Older Brother Nangong….ah?" Now, Mo Yunqing's head and face was full of sweat. Her mind was dizzy, but her heart kept thinking of Nangong Liuyun. As a result, she refused to allow herself to faint.

"Brother Nangong, he…he is at a critical juncture in his cultivation, so it's inconvenient for him to come over." Mo Yunfeng said what Su Luo told him.

Mo Yunqing's face directly fell down: "Older Brother Nangong…could be like this…." This matter concerned her life or death, Older Brother Nangong actually saw her about to die and wouldn't save her!

"Second Older Brother…Am I….about to die…I'm hurting very very much…" Mo Yunqing softly sobbed, she felt her chest swelling to the point of being overwhelmed by the weight. It really hurt a lot.

Mo Yunfeng clenched his teeth and clenched his hands into fists at his side, taking a deep breath: "Third Younger Sister, don't be afraid, Second Older Brother has come to help you!"

Mo Yunfeng finally made a firm decision.

He directly took a step forward, lifted open the brocade quilt covering Mo Yunqing, with a not afraid of death expression, he bent down….

Not to mention how tangled Mo Yunfeng was to suck out the drug for Mo Yunqing, simply speaking of Su Luo's side.

Su Luo carried the little spirit fox in her arms, leisurely walking towards Mo Yunqing's tent.

Mo Yunqing's tent wasn't very far from hers, very quickly, she had arrived.

Seeing the four imperial guards guarding outside of Mo Yunqing's tent, Su Luo's mouth hooked into a sly smile.

"Sister-in-law, this smile of yours make one's hair stand on end." Beichen Ying said repeatedly with blame.

"How could this count, wait until you see what's next, that will truly make your hair stand on end." Su Luo rolled her eyes at him in annoyance. Then, she lowered her voice to tell the little spirit fox a few instructions.

Last night, the little divine dragon had already completed his mission, Su Luo was afraid that if he appeared, Mo Yunqing would recognize the little divine dragon. So, this time, she switched to the little spirit fox. In any case, both of them were very intelligent.

The little spirit fox got Su Luo's instructions, immediately, like a wisp of smoke, she dashed towards Mo Yunqing's tent.

"Alas, my little spirit fox! Don't run ah!" Su Luo's expression said change and would change, this shout of alarm was really impressive.

Su Luo directly chased after in the direction the little spirit fox went.

Zi Yan poked Beichen Ying's arm: "Why are you still here staring blankly? Hurry, let's catch up ah." Finished speaking, she stretched out her legs, following after Su Luo and running far away.

Momentarily, Beichen Ying was stirred up with a face full of excitement. He finally realized what Su Luo was bringing them over to do, whenever he thought of the intense scene he would be seeing next…Beichen Ying felt that all the blood in his body started to boil!

As a result, he quickly chased after them.

The little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox's speed was fast as lightning. The four imperial guards guarding in front of Mo Yunqing's tent only felt their eyes blurring, a white shadow rapidly flashing past. When they opened their eyes again, they discovered nothing there.

"Alas, my little spirit fox!" Su Luo's speed was very fast and directly rushed into Mo Yunqing's tent.

"Miss Su, this is the third Miss's tent, you can't…" The captain of the guards had Mo Yunfeng's orders from before, hurriedly stepping forth to intercept.

But he had just stepped out when he saw Beichen Ying directly blocking between him and Su Luo. He intercepted this captain of the guards.

Zi Yan, on the other side, also followed the same pattern, intercepting the remaining team of guards.

As a result, Su Luo was like an arrow, directly ripping apart the tent's door.

Su Luo rushed in——

And at this moment, Mo Yunfeng was just sucking out the poison from Mo Yunqing, who was lying on the bed. His head raised up in bewilderment, when he saw Su Luo, he immediately jumped up from being scared.

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