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Chapter 1212 – A freak combination of factors (2)

Truth be told, Mo's Second Young Master really was only worried about his Third Younger Sister's condition, and had no wicked thoughts whatsoever.

Mo Yunqing also knew, besides Second Older Brother, there was no one else that could help her, therefore, she bashfully nodded her head.

"Second Older Brother, go command the people outside to guard. If someone was to rush in…." This concerned her reputation, so Mo Yunqing couldn't help but to consider it more.

This matter, only her and Second Older Brother knew, neither of them would tell others…so no mishaps would happen.

Mo Yunfeng slapped his head, how could he forget about this? As a result, he quickly stepped outside and saw the captain of the guards, and called him over with a lift of his hand.

"Second Young Master, you have matters to instruct me?" The captain of the guards respectfully bent his waist.

"Yes." Mo Yunfeng had both hands behind his back, with his chest out, and solemnly coughed once, "This young master wants to protect Third Young Miss during cultivation. During this time period, cannot be disturbed by anyone. You go bring people to guard the door, do not allow anyone to enter, do you understand?"

When saying the last half of the sentence, Mo Yunfeng's face became dignified, revealing an endless prestige.

"Subordinate understands!" The guard captain immediately became serious and solemnly said.

"Un." Mo Yunfeng seriously nodded, turned around and entered the room, carefully locking the door.

But during this process, he didn't know whether to cry or laugh. This matter that he did seemed as if he was doing something to violate proper human relationship….alas.

Mo Yunfeng strongly suppressed this strange thought, and quickly walked to Mo Yunqing's side.

After seeing Mo Yunqing on the bed, Mo Yunfeng's heart dropped to the floor.

At this moment, Mo Yunqing's face was pale as paper, full of sweat. She weakly half-opened her eyes, vaguely looking at Mo Yunfeng.

"Second Older Brother, really hurts…." Mo Yunqing sobbed spasmodically, voice choking with emotions.

"Second Older Brother has come to cure you, be good, don't be scared." Mo Yunfeng got rid of all distracting thoughts from his head, in one move, he opened Mo Yunqing's clothes.

Although these two were siblings, man and woman were different after all, so Mo Yunqing shyly turned her gaze away.

After seeing Mo Yunqing's chest wound, Mo Yunfeng was sluggish for a split second.

At this moment, the two little buns in front of Mo Yunqing's chest, were directly swollen up like two huge b.a.l.l.s of meat, bulging and bloated.

The b.a.l.l.s of meat were pale pink, with a seductive appearance.

"This…..this is….." Mo Yunfeng's eyes were dumbfounded from staring at them, "Third Younger Sister, If I didn't guess incorrectly, you are poisoned with Half-step Madly Affectionate Couple (1)."

"Half-step Madly Affectionate Couple….what's that?" Mo Yunqing tried to endure the pain, asking in a low voice.

"This is ….." This was made up of an aphrodisiac, how could Mo Yunfeng have the face to explain this to his Third Younger Sister clearly? So, he just vaguely said: "This is a poison that can make people see illusions, according to theory, this Half-step Madly Affectionate Couple can only come from a Bewildering Snake's tooth, how can it …."

This place was the snowy plateau ah, where could a Bewildering Snake come from? Mo Yunfeng couldn't figure it out.

"Second Older Brother, it hurts….Since you know this poison, you should also know how to cure it right? Second Older Brother, I beg you, please save Qing'er, it hurts so much…." Mo Yunqing's tears rolled down from the pain, soaking the pillow.

Mo Yunfeng felt really awkward.

Truth be told, he did know how to cure this Half-step Madly Affectionate Couple poison, but that way, it would be difficult not to offend his younger sister….In front of him now, was his true blooded sister ah.

"Second Older Brother….." Mo Yunqing continued to plead, bitterly beseeching…..

1) Half-step Madly Affectionate Couple: Before Su Luo said this drug is Madly happy affectionate couple. Either the author forgot what she/he wrote a few chapters ago or the drug is so similar that Mo Yunfeng can't tell the difference. I just chalk it up to author forgetting.

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