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Chapter 1211 – A freak combination of factors (1)

"Third Younger Sister, in the end, what is the matter with you?" Mo Yunfeng saw the always straightforward Mo Yunqing hesitating and her hemming and hawing appearance, and he grew even more worried.

"I…." Mo Yunqing's whole face was flushed, even her eyes were rosy red. She turned her head away and tightly clenched her hands.

"Third Younger SIster, quickly tell me ah! No matter what, Second Older Brother will definitely help you to succeed. Is it because you want to see Nangong Liuyun? Second Older Brother will now go to call him over." The more Mo Yunfeng thought about it, the more he felt he was right, so he turned around and was about to go.

"Second Older Brother!" Mo Yunqing quickly grabbed Mo Yunfeng, "No, don't go!"

"Then, in the end, what's wrong, you say ah!" Mo Yunfeng impatiently glared at her.

"I….I…..was bitten…." Mo Yunqing buried her whole head under the covers, her voice was m.u.f.fled and vague, making it hard for people to hear clearly.

"Where were you bitten?" Mo Yunfeng couldn't hear clearly, so he asked it again.

"……." Mo Yunqing's head was like an ostrich buried in the covers, her voice was so low that it couldn't reach people's ears.

Mo Yunfeng grew impatient, he pulled and the entire comforter was lifted open.

At this moment, a very red and flushed face was revealed, red like a cooked lobster.

Mo Yunfeng wasn't stupid, he quickly realized, Mo Yunqing must have been bitten in an inconvenient place.

But in this wilderness, where would he go to find a doctor for her ah? Besides which, Mo Yunqing had sneaked out the house, and didn't bring any servants or maids, this kind of thing….

After some thought, Mo Yunfeng still decided to ask her clearly first.

"Good girl, tell Second Older Brother, where were you bitten?" Mo Yunfeng's voice was gentle, with an intoxicating smile.

Mo Yunqing really couldn't say it, but her slender white fingers pointed towards her towering chest.

"Uh……" Mo Yunfeng's face suddenly was like a burning fire, momentarily speechless. This place, he really couldn't help ah.

But after a quick glance over, Mo Yunqing's thoroughly observing eyes discovered, Third Younger Sister's chest was a bit bigger than before…..

"Wait here, your brother will go now to find people for you." Mo Yunfeng stood up and was about to leave.

But he didn't have the time to turn around, when he was grabbed by Mo Yunqing.

"Second Older Brother, who will you go look for?" Mo Yunqing's face color changed from red to white, her hands that grabbed Mo Yunfeng shook slightly, as if it was hard to suppress the pain.

"Zi Yan." Mo Yunfeng knew Mo Yunqing didn't like Su Luo, so he didn't mention her.

"No way!" Mo Yunqing loudly screamed, "Zi Yan and that s.l.u.t Su Luo are in cahoots and are birds of a feather. She can't wait to harm me, how could she help me? Even if she reluctantly helped me, then when this matter is spread out, how could I have the face to live in this world? Second Older Brother, you can't go look for her, absolutely can't!"

Mo Yunfeng was worried and helpless as he stroked her face: "Within this team of troops, only those two are girls. If I don't go look for them, then who should I go look for?"

Mo Yunfeng touched Mo Yunqing's cheeks, and realized that her face was boiling hot, so hot as to be alarming, this definitely wasn't because of embarra.s.sment that elevated her body temperature.

"In short, you can't go find them! Beside, they don't know anything, even if they come, it would still be useless!" After Mo Yunqing finished speaking, suddenly, a strong pain hit her, and she sucked in a cold breath of air from the pain.

Mo Yunfeng thought that what Mo Yunqing said was also reasonable.

"Then….." Mo Yunfeng hesitated a moment and took a deep breath, "Then, let Second Older Brother help you check?"

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