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Chapter 1170 – Critical moment of life and death (4)

Although Li Yaoyao wanted to ignore Zi Yan, but what she said was not without reason.

Just now, she clearly felt the strength of those fists becoming stronger and stronger.

Thinking about this, Li Yaoyao suddenly made up her mind.

Just when the four feeble-minded iron tower like strong men were about to hit the column once more, Li Yaoyao used her arms to wrap around the column, and at the same time, her body shot down like lightning.


Li Yaoyao heavily stamped on the head of one of the iron tower-like strong man. She saw his head crack open, and a huge hole appear, with blood rushing out non-stop.

Seeing this, Li Yaoyao was immediately shocked!!!

She never expected that the iron tower-like strong man, who had pounded Luo Dieyi into fine powder from before, were so weak that he couldn’t withstand a single blow.

Now that they had recovered a bit, then before, doesn't it mean they were even weaker?

Thinking of this, Li Yaoyao wished she could crush herself to death in one blow.

She was really stupid! If she known earlier, she would have already jumped down to save Second Senior Brother!

The iron tower-like strong man with the cracked head swayed, before he could steady himself, Li Yaoyao's feet quickly stomped on him heavily!

The stupid and strong iron man didn’t dodge or avoid, he was directly hit again.

Now, he fell on his b.u.t.t, and his head was already stomped into his neck by Li Yaoyao.

Therefore, the iron tower-like strong man now looked like a headless corpse, disgusting and terrifying, a horrible sight to see.

Li Yaoyao used one hundred percent of her strength in this kick.

Of course, clearly knowing that the enemy was weak, how could she not continuously bully him?

The other iron tower-like strong men were also wiped out clean by Li Yaoyao, one by one.

Finally, Li Yaoyao's body floated down like an arriving immortal, she looked down at the corpses arrogantly, her face was full of pride.

After, she immediately got off the fighting stage.

Li Yaoyao arrogantly walked to the front of Zi Yan, she frowned with disgust and disdain: "What bad luck, actually helping you guys take out four strong experts."

Zi Yan detested her conduct and every deed, and returned her ridicule: "Li Yoayao, Second Senior Brother died for you, how could you just come down like this? Are you still human?"

Being reminded by Zi Yan, Li Yaoyao finally remembered that Second Senior Brother's body was still on the fighting stage.

Just now, after she won, in order to show off in front of Su Luo, she actually forgot about this matter.

Li Yaoyao hurriedly turned her head to look, but what made her incredulous was that all the corpses on the stage had disappeared completely.

"How could this be?" That white marble stage was glowing as new, as if no fight had ever occurred.

Zi Yan angrily looked at Li Yaoyao: "Second Senior Brother died for you, now, even his bones are gone. Li Yaoyao, you're too heartless! Even if Second Senior Brother is in the underworld, he absolutely will never forget you!"

"Stop talking such nonsense to me!" Li Yaoyao recalled that complicated expression in Second Senior Brother's eyes before he died. Momentarily, her heart trembled with fear.

"Humph!" Zi Yan turned her head away, no longer paying her any heed.

Li Yaoyao also didn't continue to stay arrogant, she stood silently on the side. Her expression, for a moment, was distraught.

After all, no matter when she was quarreling with other people, Second Senior Brother would always unflinchingly stand behind her, steady like a mountain. But now, he had disappeared forever.

The surroundings suddenly had a strangely quiet atmosphere. 

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