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Chapter 1169 – Critical moment of life and death (3)

Su Luo comforted in a low voice, "If he spent his whole life muddle-headed and considered Li Yaoyao to be a treasure, then that really would be living is no better than dying."

Zi Yan thought about it and felt what Su Luo said made sense, but she still was full of regret: "Only, it's a pity, Second Senior Brother only saw Li Yaoyao, that s.l.u.t's, true colors at the last second. If he wasn't so persistent in going about everything the wrong way earlier, he wouldn’t have died now."

Su Luo smiled bitterly and shook her head: "If it was not at the very last moment of his life, how could he clearly see Li Yaoyao's true colors?"

Only at the moment of life or death, Li Yaoyao would reveal her true colors. Only then would Situ Ming give up all hope. This was the calamity decreed by fate for Situ Ming.

"But it's also good like this. You guys will have more certainty to win." Su Luo's mood seemed to be pretty good.

Originally, if Li Yaoyao's team was completely wiped out, at that time, the four iron tower-like strong men would join in against Zi Yan's team, altogether making it six strong fighters. How could Beichen Ying and Zi Yan deal with them? Now, it's alright, the four iron tower-like strong men ought to die soon.

"Those four men still haven't died yet, the outcome of the battle between them and Li Yaoyao hasn't been decided. It's premature to say something like this ah." Zi Yan's face carried a trace of concern.

Su Luo merely shook her head. "Wait and see, this time, Li Yaoyao really might not die."

It's said that good people don’t live long, disaster stays for a millennium. Li Yaoyao was fated to be that disaster.

Now, the fight scene on the stage seemed somewhat comical.

Situ Ming had fallen, but he died with grievances in his eyes. His pair of eyes opened wide, staring straight in Li Yaoyao's direction.

Li Yaoyao felt cold chills down her spine from his gaze, and her heart shivered. She cowered, hugged the column with a death grip.

The four iron tower-like strong men seemed to have discussed it over, and walked step by step towards the column where Li Yaoyao was at.

Step by step.

Every step emitted a huge noise.

A formidable pressure enveloped Li Yaoyao.

"No, don't come over, you guys must not come over…." Li Yaoyao shook her head with all her might.

However, the four iron tower-like strong men remained completely unmoved. Their steps orderly fell down together, giving off a deafening sound.

Finally, the four of them stood apart in front of the column.

And on top of the column, Li Yaoyao's legs were wrapped around the column tightly, she'd rather die than get down.

Things were deadlocked at this point.

The four on the ground couldn’t go up. Li Yaoyao on top wouldn’t go down.

In the wake of Situ Ming's death, the effect of the blood sacrifice gradually started to weaken on their bodies.

Also, in their minds, there wasn't the word losing, there was only 'fight to the end until death ends it', these eight words.

The four iron tower-like strong men exchanged a look, then neatly extended their right hands simultaneously.

"Bang——" Four right fists heavily smashed the column.

Even if the column was made of the mysterious iron in the deep sea, it couldn’t withstand the full strength of their simultaneous attack.

The column swayed, and Li Yaoyao burst out in a sharp blood-curdling scream.

Su Luo frowned: "Why does it feel like the four iron tower-like strong men's strength recovered a little?"

Nangong Liuyun frowned too: "Yes, the effect of the blood sacrifice is gradually fading."

Su Luo glared at Li Yaoyao unhappily. If she came down now, Li Yaoyao could still win, but following the gradual pa.s.sing of time, her chances to win would gradually become less, up till she died.

"Tell this to her. " Su Luo said, for lack of a better option.

It's not because she wanted to save Li Yaoyao, rather, she didn’t want to waste the purpose of the blood sacrifice Situ Ming had used his life to exchange for.

If Li Yaoyao died, the four iron tower-like strong men would have their strength restored. Then, Zi Yan's team would certainly meet a tragic end.

"Li Yaoyao, quickly get down, now, you still can win. If you wait for the blood sacrifice's effect to wear out, you think you can still get away?" Zi Yan made a loudspeaker out of her hands and shouted loudly.

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