The Demon King's Daughter is the World's Strongest but a Shut-In! ~Shut Herself in an Abandoned Church to be Revered as the Goddess~ Chapter 32

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「No ja, no ja」


The Self-proclaimed Guardian Deity Muriel seemed to like Punigami, she buried her face in him with a smile on it.
However, Punigami was Iris and Eclipse’s hugging pillow. It would be extremely troubling is she doesn’t return him.

「Hey, you there. Don’t just suddenly appear and occupy the bed and Punigami. Who are you anyway? 」

「This is mine and Big Sister Iris’ bed. Are you going to sleep with us? 」

Having heard her, Muriel withdrew from Punigami and jumped off the bed.

「I can’t! That slime was too good, so This Mistress almost lost herself! What an elaborate trap! That’s cheating! 」

「I do admit that Punigami’s pleasantness is rather addictive, but it’s not really a trap for you. Spare me from your accusations」

「Let’s forget about that, I’m sleepy…….let’s all go to sleep, okay? 」

Eclipse let out a big yawn.

「That’s not what This Mistress is talking about! This church belongs to This Mistress! Don’t just live here at your own convenience! 」

「I can hear you out in detail tomorrow, for now, let’s just drop it. See this cute little girl, she can’t sleep because of you. Don’t your heart hurt because you force her to stay awake? 」

Said Iris to Muriel as she patted Eclipse’s head.
Even now, Eclipse stood there with a s.p.a.ced-out sleepy expression as she rubbed her eyes.
It was so cute, you’d want to immediately hug her. It was amazing precisely because it was her natural cuteness without any intention to be that way.

「Mumu……she’s cute indeed. Certainly, it would be rather cruel to force her to stay awake. Alright, today we shall sleep」

「Aren’t you understanding」

In that way, the three decided to go to sleep with Punigami as a pillow.
Next day, in the morning.
Iris opened her eyes hearing「No ja, no ja」voice.

「…….What? Isn’t it still morning? 」

「You should wake up because it’s morning!」

「…..? Isn’t morning the best part of sleep? 」

「Ei, don’t joke with This Mistress! There are limits to laziness. This Mistress can’t leave this land to you! Punishment! 」

Having said that, Muriel delivered a chop at Iris’ forehead.

「Ata! Did you think I would get up from something like this? I’m not going to lose! 」

Iris crawled inside her futon and thrust her face in Eclipse’s stomach, who was still sleeping at the moment. Absolute defense………or so she thought before the enemy invaded.
The futon was thrown off and she was peeled off Eclipse.

「Ah, my futon. My Eclipse. Since it came to that, Punigami……」

「This slime shall be taken away too!」

Muriel picked Punigami and threw him on the floor.


Having been suddenly woken up and thrown, Punigami let out a voice of surprise from the floor.

「You’ve made the first move……you are quite amazing. I admit it. You are number one」

「Mufufu. You are quite a handful yourself」

「Anyway, good night」

Iris admitted her defeat and went for a second nap.

「Hey, hey! What did This Mistress work hard for?!」

「Then would you sleep too?」

「Where did this option come from?! You wake up because it’s morning! And you’re going to have a conversation with This Mistress! 」

Muriel pulled as hard as she could on Iris’ pajamas trying to get her up.


「Asleep!? How did you even fall asleep in this situation, what kind of nerves do you have!?」

Muriel’s voice was on the verge of crying.
In reality, Iris was only pretending to be asleep, but she couldn’t see through this act.
Since Muriel, who was freaking out, was rather amusing, she decided to pretend for a while longer.

However, while she was『pretending』, she became sleepy again.
There was no other way but to go for a second round.

「…….Un, so noisy…..why are you so loud in the morning? 」

Just a moment before falling asleep, Iris heard Eclipse’s cute voice.
Thanks to that, she was able to barely keep a trace of consciousness.

「This one doesn’t wake up. Isn’t she your big sister? Do something」

「Big Sister Iris. She’s too pitiful. Let’s hear what Muriel has to say to us」

「………Can’t help it. If Eclipse says so, I’ll listen to you」

Iris accepted the proposal and rose her upper body.

「S-So you were awake. What a terrible personality you have」

「It’s not terrible. I’m just bad at waking up」

「It’s not something to be proud of! Well, anyway, since you are awake, listen to what This Mistress has to say! 」

Having screamed so, Muriel clung to Iris.

「So annoying……I’ll hear you out, so you don’t need to cling to me! 」

「I’m grateful……..wait, why does This Mistress have to feel grat.i.tude towards you?!」

「How should I know? Come on, if you have something to say then say it」

「V-Very well. Let’s start with an introduction. This Mistress is Muriel, this land’s Guardian Deity! The G.o.d worshipped in this church! 」

「Eeh, so that’s how it is」

「Your reaction is too mild」

「Well, you did call yourself the Guardian Deity yesterday」

「T-That’s true…….In other words, this church belongs to This Mistress」

「If you are indeed the Guardian Deity, that might be true」

「Umu, it’s true indeed. You are living her without This Mistress’ permission. Moreover, people worship you as the Guardian Deity instead of This Mistress…….unacceptable! Thus, it’s time for you to get out! 」

「Don’t wanna」

Instantly replied Iris.

「No jaaaa! In that case, I’m taking this slime called Punigami hostage! 」

Muriel squinted and pounced on Punigami, who was still on the floor.
She plastered onto him with her whole body and clung to him with both her hands and feet.

「Nowaaa, what a pleasant sensation. I was intending to take him hostage but was taken hostage instead! Another trap! 」


「There is no trap. You are just clinging on your own」

「However, this sensation can’t be resisted」

Muriel, still on top of Punigami, let’s out a voice of either joy or anger.
Having seen this, Eclipse pulled at Iris’ sleeve and muttered.

「Big Sister Iris. Could it be that Muriel is even more of a weirdo than Sheryl? 」

「That might be true……..」

「Why do weird people gather around here, I wonder?」

「Who knows……perhaps it’s better to call Sheryl here. It’s said that people of the same mind can understand each other better」


「You’re plenty weird too and probably attracted Sheryl yourself」Punigami inserted a rude comment.
It’s not as if she was completely unaware of it, so she decided to ignore Punigami’s opinion and turn her attention to the problem named Muriel.

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